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TOUR: Corrado's Market - Denville, NJ

Corrado's Market
Owner: Jimmy Corrado
Opened: 2019
Cooperative: Associated Supermarket Group
Location: 3130 NJ-10, Denville, NJ
Photographed: May 2019
Wait! Before you proceed to read this post, you must read about Olive Tree first! Olive Tree Marketplace opened a 15,000 square foot high-end supermarket in the Denville Commons back in May 2016, but it was poorly run and extremely short-lived. The store closed in the first month or two of 2018. By May 2019, local Italian specialty chain Corrado's Market had opened up in the space after doing absolutely nothing to the space other than fully stocking it. But what a difference that makes!
While I can't speak to how well Denville is doing, I can say that the Corrado's locations in Wayne and Fairfield are quite impressive (sorry, North Arlington, but that store just isn't up to the standards of the others). I was here about a week after Corrado's officially opened, and it was looking quite good.
Check out how much more merchandise there is here now! But you can see all of the decor and fixtures are left. The former cafe/coffee shop area has been converted to a floral department now. Corrado's added back a bakery in the deli department, which is also more full than it was with Olive Tree although I wonder about the empty spaces in the self-serve prepared food case at the bottom.
If you zoom in and look carefully at the hanging menus behind the deli counter, you can see that Corrado's simply put a sticker of their own logo over the Olive Tree name.
Notice that Corrado's also left Olive Tree's department signage above the counter, meaning that what is labeled "hot food" is actually the bakery. That was a surprise to me since Corrado's other locations are generally very professional.
Jam-packed grocery aisles with certainly more selection than Olive Tree ever had. Note that the aisle markers actually have been changed. And I want to repeat a picture from the Olive Tree post for a before and after comparison...
And there you go! Just pack the shelves with a lot of product and you're good to go again!
Seafood is open again!
Looks like these freezers may actually have been secondhand when Olive Tree opened. They seem to be an older style compared to Olive Tree's 2016 opening.
Space has been used a bit more efficiently in the dairy department to allow for the front corner to have been converted from the random catch-all dairy product corner to a specifically designated cheese department, which Corrado's does very well...
This single sign was changed, although probably just with a decal over what Olive Tree had here. The front end looks very similar...
Here's a look across the front end, back over towards the floral department (where you can see the bright blue wall sign). Corrado's is looking very good here even if they did basically nothing upon taking over from Olive Tree -- let's just say the appearance of the store was never the problem with Olive Tree. Tomorrow, we're headed up to route 46 to Rockaway for a store over on The Market Report along with a former supermarket in downtown Rockaway on Grocery Archaeology!