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TOUR: George's Market at Dreshertown - Dresher, PA

George's Market at Dreshertown Owner: George Endrigian Opened:  1977 Cooperative:  IGA Location:  1650 Limekiln Pk, Dresher, PA Photographed:  January 6, 2020 Just across the highway from the ACME we last saw, we are checking out George's Market at Dreshertown. For many years, this was the Dreshertown Shop n Bag until Thriftway Shop n Bag dissolved in 2016, when it became George's Market at Dreshertown with IGA's Retail Marketing Group. I visited in early 2020 when the store was working on a remodel. The grand aisle was in the process of being expanded out the right side of the store, although as we'll see the store was quite nice before too. A cafe with beer and wine has been added here. Here's the section that has since become part of the grand aisle next to the main supermarket. But the interior even as it was, was quite attractive. Our first part of the grand aisle here has the deli and prepared foods on the right side, and bakery in an island on the left s

TOUR: Bell's Market - Feasterville-Trevose, PA

Bell's Market Owner: Vladimir Kushnir Opened:  2018 Cooperative:  IGA Location:  1055 Bustleton Pk, Feasterville-Trevose, PA Photographed:  January 6, 2020 Welcome to the Bell's Market of Feasterville-Trevose, a very interesting store for a few reasons. It was constructed as a Genuardi's in 1998 on the site of a former Food Fair, then sold to GIANT Food Stores when Genuardi's went under. In 2018, GIANT moved to a new location a few blocks west, and Philadelphia-based Russian supermarket Bell's Market moved in. They did some light renovation, but the bones of GIANT and Genuardi's are still there We enter on the left side of the front to a large, spacious produce department. In the back left corner we have the deli and prepared foods section, with large sections for olives, pickles, prepared foods, and so on. Meat and seafood are on the back wall, with frozen and dairy on the right side. Bakery and pharmacy (not yet open at the time of my visit) are in the fron

Snapshot: Selecto Supermarket - Bristol, PA

Selecto Supermarket Owner: Ramon Herrera Opened:  2010 under current ownership Cooperative:  none Location:  320 Pond St, Bristol, PA Photographed:  2017 We have an interesting story about the Bristol Selecto Supermarket, both about the store and about my experience. It's a pleasant independent supermarket of about just under 17,000 square feet. It was also built as an A&P, and we can tell the centennial facade is mostly intact. It became a SuperFresh in 1982, which later moved a little distance outside of town to a Futurestore later that decade. I'm unsure of what the store was between 1982 and 2007, the earliest that I can confirm that this was the Selecto Supermarket, but it still to this day maintains its SuperFresh-era decor inside. I do believe it's related in some way to the Selecto Supermarket in Trenton , but I can't confirm that. I stopped by here and took a few pictures back in 2017 and I went inside, but I didn't take any interior pictures unfortu

TOUR: Garden Farm Market - Morrisville, PA

Garden Farm Market Owner: Ki Chung Opened:  2001 Cooperative:  none Location:  1 E Trenton Ave, Morrisville, PA Photographed:  January 6, 2020 Ah, the Garden Farm Market of Morrisville! This is well-known among the ACME fan community as a former pitched-roof ACME with its signage inside completely intact. Acme Style covered this store, but of course we can't get to that post anymore. Here's what the exterior used to look like. We're familiar with the Garden Farm Market chain from their New Jersey stores, which include Metuchen , North Brunswick , and Newark. With GFM's new signage here, the exterior looks pretty sharp, especially during the day . I assume GFM gutted the former ACME when they moved in, which was about six years after the ACME left (they moved down the street in 1995). GFM opened in 2001 and, 21 years later, seems to still be going strong. The deli lines the left side wall of the store, seen above, with some international grocery items and dairy on th