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TOUR: Country Markets - Eastchester, NY

Country Markets Owner: Joseph Friedman Opened: 1989 Cooperative: Key Food Stores Location: 344 White Plains Rd, Eastchester, NY Photographed: March 2020 This 16,000 square foot store looked vaguely like a former A&P before its renovation, but I don't know the building's origin for sure. Opening under current ownership in 1989, the store was a CTown for many years. When the store dropped the CTown branding somewhere around 2009, it solidified the store's increasingly upscale positioning. Though it remained Krasdale-affiliated for a short time thereafter, it later became independent and got a distribution contract with Elizabeth, NJ-based Wakefern Food Corp., which runs ShopRite stores. In 2019, the store ended its Wakefern contract and became a Key Food member. The switch to Key Food also brought an interior renovation to the same decor package as the Dan's Supreme stores we've seen recently (I have another Dan's Supreme coming up shortly, but it has a different…

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As we move north through Westchester county, we'll be stopping in the towns of Eastchester, Scarsdale, White Plains, Ardsley, and Hastings-On-Hudson, generally circling up the east side, across west at White Plains, the large city of central Westchester, and then a few stores to the southwest of the city. For a little bit of a bigger picture view, we're still heading north of New York City through the direct northern suburbs through Westchester and then Putnam counties, crossing the border into central Connecticut and then circling back south along the INT-95 corridor. We'll then finish up New York State before attacking New Jersey. But that's all far in the future, let's stick with central Westchester for now!

TOUR: Bryn Mawr Market - Bryn Mawr, Yonkers, NY

Bryn Mawr Market IGA Owner: Al Cifutelli Opened: 2004 Cooperative: IGA Location: 146 Lockwood Ave, Bryn Mawr, Yonkers, NY Photographed: March 2020 The small neighborhood of Bryn Mawr in Yonkers is sandwiched between the Saw Mill River Pkwy on the west and INT-87 on the east. It has one supermarket in that section, which is this Bryn Mawr IGA. The 7100 square foot store appears to have been created from several smaller storefronts, including a 3900 square foot one that was likely the original supermarket. Inside, the store has a distinctive old-fashioned look about it. That's balanced somewhat by the Walmart decor visible here, for the produce department. As we can see, the decor has been retrofitted somewhat. The picture on the sign appears to be taped on, while the aisle markers have some some older category markers added on. Dairy and meat line the back wall, with frozen in the second-to-last aisle and deli in the last aisle. A very nice mural of a city street (perhaps somewhere in …

Snapshot: Shop Smart Food Market - Yonkers, NY

Shop Smart Food Market Owner: Belgica de Jesus Opened: 2015 under current ownership Cooperative: Krasdale Location: 354 Nepperhan Ave, Yonkers, NY Photographed: March 2019 Shop Smart Food Market is a banner of Krasdale Foods, but few stores actually operate under that name exclusively. You can see the newer logo from Krasdale's website here. This deli-grocery store located just to the north of downtown Yonkers is an interesting case. For one, I'm pretty sure there would have originally been a panel to the right that says "Food Mart" or "Food Market" on the white sign, like this location on Staten Island has. Second, based on the shape of the second S, I'm thinking the lettering was originally stacked -- meaning that perhaps this sign is actually secondhand from another location, possibly when there were more locations. This store is located at the base of a residential tower along Nepperhan Avenue, which extends to the north of downtown.

Snapshot: Williams Farm - Getty Square, Yonkers, NY

Williams Farm Owner: Jung Yong Shin Opened: 2004 Cooperative: none Location: 131 New Main St, Getty Square, Yonkers, NY Photographed: March 2019 Wrapping up our coverage of Getty Square with this greengrocer of about 1600 square feet. This store is at 131 New Main Street, with the former Compare Foods at 125 New Main two doors down, then the Shop Fair at 116 New Main (don't ask me how those numbers can all be on the same side of the street, but I digress) four doors down beyond that. All three are visible in the above photo. Now that we're done with downtown Yonkers, we'll be passing through the much more suburban neighborhoods in the northeast of the city!

Snapshot: Juan Supermarket - Getty Square, Yonkers, NY

Juan Supermarket Owner: Juan Supermarket Inc. Opened: 2014 Cooperative: unknown Location: 61 Riverdale Ave, Riverdale, Bronx, NY Photographed: March 2019 I know it's hard to see, but the left side of that storefront has a sign that (barely) says Juan Supermarket. It was previously Hernandez Supermarket, and it starts our coverage of the downtown/Getty Square part of Yonkers. This store is located on the same street as the Skyview Shopping Center, where we saw a Key Food and Riverdale Kosher Market, just about two miles north. This is our first of five grocery stores we'll be seeing a matter of blocks from each other, and up next is the ShopRite just across the street.

Snapshot: Riverdale Kosher Market - Riverdale, Bronx, NY

Riverdale Kosher Market Owner: Elisha Block Opened: 2011 under current ownership Cooperative: none Location: 5683 Riverdale Ave, Riverdale, Bronx, NY Photographed: March 2019 If Key Food anchors the southern end of the Skyview Shopping Center, the Riverdale Kosher Market anchors the north end. It's actually in the basement of the building at the north end, meaning it's at street level of the cross street and not Riverdale Avenue. It seems that the two stores' target markets are different enough that they can peacefully coexist. Plus, Riverdale Kosher looks a lot nicer. Repeating this picture from the Key Food post to show the stores' proximity. If you zoom in to the top of the beige building at the far right, you can see the sign for Riverdale Kosher Market. And on that note, we finish up not only our coverage of Riverdale, but of all of the Bronx -- and all of New York City! -- for the time being. Don't worry, we still have lots and lots and lots of supermarkets comin…

Look Inside: Fresh King Market - Spuyten Duyvil, Bronx, NY

Fresh King Market Owner: Ho Pil Lee Opened: 1989 Cooperative: Krasdale Location: 9 Knolls Crescent, Spuyten Duyvil, Bronx, NY Photographed: March 2020 Fresh King Market is just a few doors down from Ben's Market in the single commercial strip in Spuyten Duyvil, and is a small grocery store/greengrocer that sells produce, grocery, frozen, and dairy, but no meat or seafood. A nice place, and actually slightly larger than Ben's at 2600 square feet. This is our last stop in Spuyten Duyvil, so up next we'll be heading north to Riverdale!

TOUR: Ben's Market - Spuyten Duyvil, Bronx, NY

Ben's Market Owner: James Napolitano Opened: 1975 Cooperative: Krasdale Location: 19 Knolls Crescent, Spuyten Duyvil, Bronx, NY Photographed: March 2020 Immediately next door to yesterday's former supermarket is the only grocery store in Spuyten Duyvil (there is a CTown to the east in Marble Hill, though I'd imagine most residents of the affluent Spuyten Duyvil probably shop at Garden Gourmet or the upscale Key Food to the north in Riverdale). This 2200-square-foot store is I believe the smallest we've ever toured. It's also the smallest store I've ever seen that I believe I can accurately classify as a supermarket. The first aisle is lined with produce on the right side and meat on the left side, with a service deli-butcher-bakery at the end of the first aisle. Frozen foods line the first aisle, with dairy in the last aisle. I believe there are three aisles and two registers. Ben's Market is not only an important resource for the neighborhood, but clearly well…