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TOUR: Altomonte's Italian Market - Doylestown, PA

Altomonte's Italian Market Owner: Vincent & Fran Grispino Opened:  ca. 2014 Cooperative:  none Location:  856 N Easton Rd, Doylestown, PA Photographed:  December 28, 2021 Welcome to our final Doylestown stop! This is a fun one. The 19,000 square foot Altomonte's Italian Market of Doylestown opened around 2014 in what used to be a car dealership (this stretch of Easton Road is Doylestown's strip mall and car dealership area. Every city needs to have one) and the building has been transformed into a very interesting Italian market and wine store. We enter on the side of the building (where the awning is in the first picture) to the produce department in the back left corner with dairy, frozen, grocery, and meat at the back of the building. A large island with coffee, bakery, olives, and cheese takes up the middle, with prepared foods on the right-side wall. The wine selection, registers, and cafe are at the front of the building. The store is not all that large but feels

TOUR: Simply Fresh by McCaffrey's - Doylestown, PA

Simply Fresh by McCaffrey's Owner: Jim McCaffrey III Opened:  2016 Cooperative:  none Location:  200 W State St, Doylestown, PA Photographed:  July 22, 2021 It's time for another McCaffrey's store! And as you can probably guess, this one is going to be just as spectacular as the others, if not more so. Everything in this store is packed into just 13,000 square feet in downtown Doylestown, and because of the store's smaller footprint and more perishables-focused product mix, it has been branded Simply Fresh by McCaffrey's. A building previously housing a historic Ford dealership has been beautifully renovated for this store. You can get an idea of this store's setup in these exterior pictures, as well as its position right on a downtown street. The store is more or less divided into two halves. When you enter the store, from the entrance about halfway to the back of the store on the side facing the parking lot, you encounter the floral department on your left an

TOUR: Organnons Natural Market - New Britain, PA

Organnons Natural Market Owner: Jim Gannon Opened: Jan 2021-Jun 2022 Cooperative:  INFRA Location:  409 E Butler Ave, New Britain, PA Photographed:  December 28, 2021 We are here in New Britain, right outside of Doylestown, to tour the Organnons Natural Market. This was one of two locations for the company, with the other in Newtown. Unfortunately, the New Britain location was rather short-lived for Organnons, opening in January 2021 and closing by June 2022. It is located on the ground floor of a new-build apartment complex, and the store is on the smaller side, probably under 10,000 square feet. We enter to produce in the front corner, with dairy in the first aisle and frozen on the back wall. The prepared foods/coffee shop area is on the right side. The store is oriented so as to be accessible to both the street and the parking lot. But sadly I don't think there's much left of the store these days, as everything in it was auctioned off last summer. I don't know why the