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TOUR: Landis Supermarket - Pottstown, PA

Landis Supermarket
Owner: Paul & Mary Landis
Opened: 2016
Cooperative: none (UNFI supplied)
 2190 E High St, Pottstown, PA
Photographed: January 6, 2020
Here in Pottstown we're touring the Landis Supermarket in the Sanatoga area, which was built in 1998 as the Sanatoga Thriftway which closed in 2015 when the Thriftway-Shop n Bag cooperative was dissolving. The 35,000 square foot location was acquired by local chain Landis Supermarkets in 2016 and joined four other locations in the chain.
It seems that Landis did some light renovations when they moved in, but I think the majority of the store -- especially the layout -- is left over from the Thriftway. The decor is Landis, though.
We enter to a kind of grand aisle with a cafe in the front right corner with bakery next to it. Prepared foods and deli are on the right-side wall with produce in the back right corner. Seafood and meat are on the back wall, with frozen and dairy on the left side wall of the store.
Here's an overview of the grand aisle looking towards the front of the store, with the entrance visible at the front. In all of the pictures so far, we're looking up towards the front, which might make it a little difficult to get our bearings.
Deli is up next on the side wall, with produce behind it.
As we can see, the signage here is updated, but the fixtures, flooring, and certainly ceiling are left over from pre-Landis.
Over in the grocery aisles, we have the Landis General Store, which is a large bulk foods department. This is a very nice feature and something that we've seen in a few of the Lancaster County-area stores, but it's not quite so common as we return to the Philadelphia suburbs area.
A look at the meat and seafood department on the back wall. It seems like all of the signage we see here is new, when Landis moved in.
If I remember correctly, nonfoods are towards the left side of the store, near frozen and dairy.
And on the far left side is the frozen and dairy department, which begins in the front left corner and continues down the last aisle.
As nice and clean and well-stocked as this store is, I find it rather boring. The whole store is very white, with some beige and some gray, but not much going on visually. I think it would look much better with a different flooring, although we did see some updated flooring back in the grand aisle, not to mention painting all the fixtures black.
But nonetheless, this is a very nice store and the only supermarket out in the Sanatoga area, which is about three miles east of downtown Pottstown.
Here's a look across the front end towards the grand aisle on the right side. This store was constructed in 1998 but joined a Kmart at the other end of the strip mall that opened in the 1970s. Today, that Kmart is a gigantic thrift store.
And a look across the front-end in the other direction. There are four other Landis Supermarkets out there, and tomorrow we're headed to another one about eight miles east!


  1. I'm surprised this store remains seems to do very little business and has very limited hours to reflect that.

    1. Interesting. It's not the most visible or highly-populated location for sure, so I could see it being a really low-volume store.


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