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TOUR: Berger's Market - Pine Grove, PA

Berger's Market Owner: Paul Berger Opened:  1973-2021 Cooperative:  none Location:  30 Lovers Ln, Pine Grove, PA Photographed:  November 29, 2019 Welcome to Bergers Market! This supermarket is the larger of two in Pine Grove, although at just 29,000 square feet, it's not all that large. And I suppose I should stop talking about this store in the present tense -- after almost 50 years, the supermarket was sold in 2021 to Boyer's, whose stores we've seen around this area in Lansford and Tamaqua (with more in the next few days). Although this store had only been open for about 50 years, the history goes back farther than that. The Reading Eagle did an excellent piece on the store's history two years ago when it was sold. The store has also been expanded multiple times, most recently in the 1990s, which this website captured in its picture. We're going to tour the store as it was when I visited in late 2019, although I understand Boyer's has remodeled the s

TOUR: BG's Value Market - Pine Grove, PA

BG's Value Market Owner: Dianne Koval Opened:  unknown Cooperative:  none Location:  24 Pleasant Valley Rd, Pine Grove, PA Photographed:  November 29, 2019 In the little town of Pine Grove, BG's Value Market (which we most recently saw in Minersville ) has made their home in a 12,500 square foot former pitched-roof ACME. It appears ACME closed in 1995 and shortly thereafter the store re-opened as a BG's. In fact, there's actually a picture of BG's having its grand opening here . BG's renovated the store later, but really only changed the outside. I'm not sure how much they did to the inside, since it doesn't exactly look like an ACME inside but also doesn't look like any work was done recently. And it's amazing how much they pack into the tiny store. You enter in the front left with customer service on the left side wall. Produce lines the left side of the store, with meat, deli, and bakery on the back wall. There's a little alcove or two fo

TOUR: BG's Value Market - Minersville, PA

BG's Value Market Owner: Dianne Koval Opened:  ca. 1980s Cooperative:  none Location:  70 Kings Village, Minersville, PA Photographed:  November 29, 2019 Welcome to Kings Village, a strip mall just outside of Minersville, PA. The strip mall appears to have been constructed in the early 1960s with a roughly 50,000 square foot King's department store (later Jamesway, now subdivided) and a 14,000 square foot Centennial A&P. The A&P was later expanded out to just over 21,000 square feet, before closing somewhere around the 1980s. BG's Value Market opened at some point thereafter, although I really don't know when. It also appears they take up only the original 14,000 square foot A&P, with the expansion now being filled by a Family Dollar. Based on the name, I was expecting BG's to be a discount store, something like this . Instead, it's a full supermarket with a little bit of everything and a great bakery. It's not high-end, but it's certainly n