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Look Inside: DelCamp's Grocery - Saint Clair, PA

DelCamp's Grocery
Owner: Roger Rebuck
Opened: 1950
Cooperative: none
 117 E Patterson St, Saint Clair, PA
Photographed: November 29, 2019
McMullen's Market in New Philadelphia is just east of here, and today, we're checking out another independent grocer that's been in business for almost as long. DelCamp's Grocery opened in 1950 in the tiny town of Saint Clair, population 2700, with a roughly 3,000 square foot store. It looks almost exactly the same as it did back in 1995.
The store has a deli, butcher shop, bakery, and sandwich counter in the back, with a few small grocery aisles. There's not a lot here but they do pack in some serious groceries. Today, there's a Walmart around half a mile north of town and a Weis and an ALDI a mile south, but DelCamp's is still the only grocer in the middle of the little town.
Saint Clair is about three miles outside the much larger town of Pottsville, where we're headed next. Head over to The Market Report to check out a Pottsville store tomorrow!