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Snapshot: Greenpoint Fruits & Deli Market - Brooklyn, NY

Greenpoint Fruits & Deli Market Owner:  Victor Tineo Opened:  2003-2018 Cooperative:  none Location:  974 Manhattan Ave, Brooklyn, NY Photographed:  August 2018 I don't exactly know why, but I had been under the impression that this store has gone out of business since the time of my visit. I knew that for sure but now I can't find exactly what made me come to that conclusion. It's not exactly a supermarket for sure, but it is a substantially sized bodega with produce and a deli. As the name "Fruits & Deli Market" would suggest. Anyway, it's on the east side of Manhattan Avenue south of the other stores we've been seeing.

Snapshot: Greenpoint Natural Market - Brooklyn, NY

Greenpoint Natural Market Owner: unknown Opened:  2016 Cooperative:  none Location:  1021 Manhattan Ave, Brooklyn, NY Photographed:  August 2018 Another quick look at a Greenpoint store, this one is a small natural food market. Looks like the interior is actually a lot bigger than it seems from the outside, especially since it takes up two floors. I didn't go in, but it looked very clean and well-stocked from the outside!

Snapshot: Rivera's Grocery - Brooklyn, NY

Rivera's Grocery Owner:  Edward Rivera Opened:  1996 Cooperative:  none Location:  1095 Manhattan Ave, Brooklyn, NY Photographed:  August 2018 We have a pretty brief post today, of this great store just south of Gourmet A'Fare on Manhattan Ave in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. I love the sign, which appears to be hand-lettered, and the faded Kola advertisements. Looks like a very cool place, definitely a fixture in the neighborhood. We'll be here in Greenpoint for more than a week more, and we're leaning heavily on content here on The Independent Edition with only two posts on The Market Report . (There are only two big-name supermarkets I'm covering in Greenpoint, Associated and CTown. There is also a Key Food that I didn't get to.) Make sure to check back!

TOUR: Gourmet A'Fare - Brooklyn, NY

Gourmet A'Fare Food Market Owner:  Khalid Innab (not certain) Opened:  2017 Cooperative:  Associated Supermarket Group Location:  1133 Manhattan Ave, Brooklyn, NY Photographed:  July 2018 Welcome to Brooklyn! Here in the historically Polish neighborhood of Greenpoint, we're touring a store that opened in July of 2017. The store appears to be taking a more upscale approach, although we'll see some confusion on that point as we tour the store. Greenpoint, famous for its Polish population but also containing a significant Dominican population, is well-serviced by three big-name supermarkets. A CTown and an Associated, both located on Manhattan Avenue (and both coming to The Market Report in the next few days), service the Dominican and Polish populations respectively, while a larger Key Food over on McGuinness Blvd a few blocks east serves as the area's "superstore" (despite its relatively small size). Gourmet A'Fare, located all the way a

Snapshot: Top Banana Food Market - Bronx, NY

Top Banana Food Market Owner: Francesco Cioffi Opened:  1985 Cooperative:  none Location:  947 Castle Hill Ave, Bronx, NY Photographed:  July 2018 I can't quite figure out this 24/7 grocery store (which appears to, oddly, be mostly a pizzeria) located at the corner of Bruckner Blvd and Castle Hill Ave. It seems to lean more towards the convenience store side, so I guess I wouldn't exactly consider it a supermarket. And their pizza doesn't look half bad , but hey, we are in the Bronx, so you're going to get good pizza anywhere you go.

Look Inside: Food Choice Market - Bronx, NY

Food Choice Market Owner:  Luis Franco Opened:  2014 Cooperative:  Associated Supermarket Group Location: 2244 White Plains Rd, Bronx, NY Photographed:  July 2018 and March 2019 Welcome to our first post here on The Independent Edition! Going forward, we'll be featuring here independent stores, generally with five or fewer locations. This particular location in the Bronx seems to be to be a single-store operation. I don't believe there's any affiliation with the Food Choice Market at 1325 Springfield Ave in Irvington, NJ. I don't know this location's history, but it likely was a chain supermarket from the 1950s. By 2007, it had become a CTown, matching in design the Associated at  1585 Westchester Ave  and, a little oddly, the CTown at  100 Hugh J. Grant Circle . It does appear, however, that Luis Franco owns both this Food Choice and the Associated. (My research suggests that the CTown is owned by a different person.) The store is located dire