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TOUR: Hammondsport Grocery - Hammondsport, NY

Hammondsport Grocery Owner:  Martin Bailey Opened:  2007 under current ownership Cooperative:  none Location:  22 Shethar St, Hammondsport, NY Photographed:  August 2020 We are here in Hammondsport for our final store at the final lake! Hammondsport is at the southern tip of Keuka Lake, with Bath (where we're headed next) just to the south. However, on my previous trip through the Finger Lakes , I didn't make it to Hammondsport, likely because I didn't end up at Keuka and there's only one grocery store in the small downtown of Hammondsport. Before we tour this 9,000 square foot store, I want to give a shout-out to Wise Guys Pizza of Hammondsport . They have some of the best calzones and strombolis I've ever had, about two blocks away from this store. Grab yourself some lunch at Wise Guys and then come by Hammondsport Grocery for your shopping! Previously the Hammondsport Big M (as shown in the following picture posted inside the store), t

TOUR: Prattsburgh Market Place - Prattsburgh, NY

Prattsburgh Market Place Owner: Prattsburgh Market Place LLC Opened:  1998 under current ownership Cooperative:  none Location:  1 S Main St, Prattsburgh, NY Photographed:  August 2020 We are returning to this very small store in the very small town of Prattsburgh, having first seen it back in September 2019 on The Market Report. Even with several expansions, it's still only about 8800 square feet. You enter here and walk across the store to produce in the front left corner. Produce and dairy then line the first aisle, with meat and deli on the back wall. Frozen foods are on the right side wall. Each department is very small, but the store has a little bit of everything. Bread and dairy in the first aisle. When we get to meat and deli, we begin to see some of the store's awesome classic decor... Looking at the aisle markers, they seem vaguely familiar but I couldn't place where I know them from. I'd assume that they're a gene

TOUR: Morgan's Grocery - Penn Yan, NY

Morgan's Grocery Owner: Bruce Morgan Opened:  1958 Cooperative:  None Location:  100 Hamilton St, Penn Yan, NY Photographed:  August 2020 It's time for our first of four stops here in Penn Yan! And certainly my favorite. Maybe even my favorite grocery store in the whole Finger Lakes region. As you might be able to tell from the first image, Morgan's Grocery is housed in a 7600 square foot former railroad depot immediately on the train tracks outside of the town of Penn Yan. Not only is it an awesome building that's a fantastic conversion, it's also a top-notch supermarket by any standards. The store is small, but it still manages to pack in produce with a large local selection, a grill and cafe area with seating, dairy/frozen, a deli/butcher counter, a full line of grocery -- and the best baked goods around. Looking from the store's porch to the train tracks that run right behind it. Heading in, we immediately encounter the store'