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TOUR: Prattsburgh Market Place - Prattsburgh, NY

Prattsburgh Market Place
Owner: Prattsburgh Market Place LLC
Opened: 1998 under current ownership
Cooperative: none
Location: 1 S Main St, Prattsburgh, NY
Photographed: August 2020
We are returning to this very small store in the very small town of Prattsburgh, having first seen it back in September 2019 on The Market Report. Even with several expansions, it's still only about 8800 square feet.
You enter here and walk across the store to produce in the front left corner. Produce and dairy then line the first aisle, with meat and deli on the back wall. Frozen foods are on the right side wall.
Each department is very small, but the store has a little bit of everything.
Bread and dairy in the first aisle. When we get to meat and deli, we begin to see some of the store's awesome classic decor...
Looking at the aisle markers, they seem vaguely familiar but I couldn't place where I know them from. I'd assume that they're a generic type sold to independent store owners not linked to any specific decor package.
This store, like most independent stores in the Finger Lakes area, sells Best Yet brand products.
I can't get enough of the wood paneling and meat sign! I do wish that decor extended to the other departments of the store.
Moving into the last aisle, we find frozen foods on the outside wall.
There is actually some decor on the frozen wall too, though it's a little hard to see. It looks like the lettering was actually placed over previous lettering. I can make out "VER," could that be the end of "saver" or something like that? Could it be the end of "Foodliner," a brand introduced in the 1940s by IGA and used on and off for the next 50+ years?
The frozen selection extends into the front wall of the store with some new cases. The customer service counter is behind these cases.
And now for a look across the front-end, which is two registers!
Our next stop is down in Hammondsport here on The Independent Edition!


  1. The aisle markers actually remind me of the AutoZone logo, lol, but they don't match the actual aisle marker design used by AutoZone (strangely enough). I dig the classic signage and wood paneling!

    1. Good point! Slightly different color scheme from AutoZone, though.


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