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TOUR: Palmer's Market - Darien, CT

Palmer's Market
Owner: Joseph R. Palmer, Jr
Opened: 1921
Cooperative: IGA
Location: 264 Heights Rd, Darien, CT
Photographed: May 2019
Just around the corner from the Stop & Shop in Darien is this IGA, Palmer's Market. At 24,000 square feet, it's slightly smaller than the now-closed Stop & Shop, but clearly the preferred choice. A fifth-generation family business, it's possible that the supermarket has moved from across the property from an older building (with a brick tower that makes it look an awful lot like a supermarket!).
Now into the present-day supermarket! The first aisle, which lines the wall facing the parking lot, is dairy with deli on the back wall. Past deli, in the back right corner, is a meat alcove with a service butcher. Bakery lines the right side wall in the last aisle, with produce in the front corner opposite the entrance.
The store is clearly very upscale. It's a little odd, though, that there's not much coherent decor throughout. As we'll see, each department has very much its own design. It's possible this area here was an expansion where the ceiling is higher.
A large deli at the back of the first aisle. Notice that the service counter is all prepared foods, with lunchmeat displayed behind the counter to maximize space.
The grocery aisles are fairly standard, but extremely clean and well-stocked. Heavy emphasis on the organic and specialty items.
Frozen foods about halfway across the store.
Meat alcove with nonfoods (mostly seasonal) in the center. This might also be an expansion, given the different flooring pattern and ceiling height. The store has a lot of seasonal items, which kind of become clutter in areas like this.
Service butcher and seafood at the side of the meat alcove.
Another nonfoods/home goods corner in the back. I wonder whether this was previously another service department, or whether it was always designed for this.
The last grocery aisle is nonfoods, with bakery and produce in the last aisle. Bakery takes up the back half, with produce in the front corner.
Beautiful bread case, although the bulk rolls were a little light on stocked as we got towards the end of the day. The bakery itself is a completely different look from the rest of the store...
Wow! How about those custom wood cases and the chandeliers? I've never seen a bakery like that in a supermarket before.
Extremely attractive produce department in the front corner. I love the photos, lighting, and ceiling.
Our look across the front end sums up my one complaint of the store: all the general merchandise makes the store very cramped. It's still a nice place and has some great features. Our next stop is over in Stamford, so come back here tomorrow to check it out!


  1. I'll agree about the general merchandise being a little cluttered, but overall, very nice store -- wow, the bakery and produce departments are fantastic!!

    Also, interesting that your post scheduling wound up with a store owned by a guy with the name Joseph R. ___, Jr. on this specific day lol

    1. Yes, a fantastic store that's very attractively designed! And agreed on the scheduling... I probably wrote this post back in May or so, so quite a coincidence.


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