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Snapshot: Food Story Natural Market - Bushwick South, Brooklyn, NY

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Snapshot: Sea Town Supermarket - Brooklyn, NY

Sea Town Supermarket Owner: Min Wu Opened: 2009 (and 2012) Cooperative: Krasdale Location: 328 Linden St, Brooklyn, NY Photographed: July 2018 Today's store is a Sea Town Supermarket. No, not a CTown Supermarket. I don't actually know whether these folks were trying to make their store sound like CTown, but they are totally unrelated. For a little history here, the Sea Town Fish & Meat Market opened in 2009 on the northeastern corner of Linden St and Irving Ave as a primarily Asian produce, fish and meat market. Following its success, the owners also took over a property across the street and opened it as the Sea Town Supermarket, presumably selling everything except those three departments, as I would imagine it would be redundant to include them all again.
Here you can see the Fish & Meat Market on the left with the Supermarket on the right.
The owners of these stores also own the Green Corner Fish & Farmers Market.
Not loving all of the closed rolling doors around t…

Snapshot: Mr. Kiwi's - Brooklyn, NY

Mr. Kiwi's Fruits & Vegetables Owner: Chung Eun Kim Opened: 2007 Cooperative: none Location: 957 Broadway, Brooklyn, NY Photographed: July 2018 The original store in the "Mr. So-And-So" group, Mr. Kiwi's is a large greengrocer on a corner in the heart of Bushwick. Culture Trip has a great article about the group of stores, known as KiCoPi, which you can read here. The store is right nearby a Food Bazaar, which (with luck) we'll tour tomorrow on The Market Report!
Update 2:25pm: I have come across an additional picture I took in April 2019. The building above the greengrocer shop appears to be under construction, although I doubt Mr. Kiwi's is going anywhere. I forgot to go inside and see if they have a Mr. Kiwi's cat like the Mr. Berry cat!

Look Inside: Green Corner Fish & Farmers Market - Brooklyn, NY

Green Corner Fish & Farmers Market Owner: Min Wu Opened: 2016 Cooperative: Krasdale Location: 801 Flushing Ave, Brooklyn, NY Photographed: July 2018 & April 2019 Somehow, I ended up with millions of exterior photos of this store but only one bad interior photo. So we'll see the exterior from every angle imaginable, but basically none of the interior. This store was built in 2016 on the site of several smaller storefronts which were demolished. Even though it's a new build store, it is not particularly large at 5300 square feet. I can give a brief summary of the layout though. The checkouts line the front wall (facing Flushing Ave) and an expansive produce department takes up about the front half of the store's sales floor. Meat and seafood take up the back right corner (the side we see here), and grocery/frozen/dairy take up the back left corner. Now for our very brief look inside... I don't remember exactly why I didn't take more interior photographs. I do rem…

Look Inside: Nathan's Farm - Brooklyn, NY

Nathan's Farm Owner: unknown Opened: 2017 Cooperative: none Location: 829 Manhattan Ave, Brooklyn, NY Photographed: August 2018 At the time of my visit, Nathan's Farm had opened relatively recently and hadn't yet installed a new awning over the old store's. Interesting that it wasn't a grocery store and they spent all the money to remodel the interior, but didn't put up a new awning? An awning has since been installed. The interior is not particularly exciting but it does look very nice. New floor, new fixtures, everything. It's a much smaller store than Mr. Berry. Less grocery selection, but still a nice store. Much less cramped than Mr. Berry.

Snapshot: Mom & Pop's Organic Market - Brooklyn, NY

Mom & Pop's Organic Market Owner: unknown Opened: 2015 (as Mom & Pop's; previously Poland Farm Fruit & Vegetable) Cooperative: none Location: 889 Manhattan Ave, Brooklyn, NY Photographed: August 2018 Very quick post today about another small greengrocer along Manhattan Ave. It's almost directly across the street from Mr. Berry, which we saw yesterday. I didn't go into the store, and I don't know much about it. It does look like there's another Mom & Pop's at 147 Smith St, also in Brooklyn but over in the Boerum Hill section. I like the idea of the logo but why is Pop so grumpy?

Look Inside: Mr. Berry - Brooklyn, NY

Mr. Berry Owner: Dong Keun Yoon Opened: 2013 Cooperative: none Location: 892 Manhattan Ave, Brooklyn, NY Photographed: August 2018 Owned by the Yoon family (several brothers), the recognizable "Mr. So-and-So" chain of stores has recently popped up across Brooklyn, bringing in lots of nice produce, a wide selection of vegetarian and vegan products, and organic groceries at very low prices. Look up anything about the chain, and you'll find a lot people very excited about their stores. I didn't entirely get it until I visited one of their stores myself. It's great! The size of a bodega, this store packs in a wide selection of fresh produce alongside staples and specialty grocery products. It's a much larger selection than you'd expect in such a tiny space! Looking from the grocery shelving towards the front of the store. You can see that there aren't real aisles because the store is quite small and the front half is all produce. But there are... Cats! I love …