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TOUR: Trade Fair Supermarket - Richmond Hill, NY

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What is referred to as "Jamaica" takes up most of eastern Queens, so we're going to begin with the northern section, encompassing Richmond Hill, Briarwood, downtown Jamaica, and Jamaica Estates. This runs from 130th St to 178th St east-to-west, and Grand Central Parkway at the north to Jamaica Avenue at the south. The coverage we're going to see over the next few days is by no means exhaustive -- the stores I've photographed represent only a fraction of the supermarkets in this densely populated, urban neighborhood. But we will be seeing a selection of nine supermarkets, mostly along Hillside Avenue, the main thoroughfare through Jamaica.

Our first post will be right here tomorrow!

Snapshot: Aron's Kissena Farms - Fresh Meadows, NY

Aron's Kissena Farms Owner: Aron Hirtz Opened: 2009 Cooperative: Allegiance Location: 75-15 Kissena Blvd, Bayside, NY Photographed: July 2018 When I say Aron's is next door to yesterday's Key Food, I mean next door. The properties border each other, and there is a whopping 200 feet from the door of Aron's to the door of Key Food. I passed through the area on a Saturday, so Aron's (a Kosher grocery store) was closed for the Sabbath. Aron's replaced in 2009 an independent store called only Kissena Farms, which does not appear to have been a Kosher store. We've seen Aron's newer location in New Jersey over on The Market Report.
While Key Food tends to draw from Latino and Caribbean populations to the northeast, offering far more (and more aggressively priced) produce and seafood, at Aron's the focus is on the kosher foods. There's probably not much competition as the two stores serve very different target markets. Not that it matters, but Key Food is m…

TOUR: Bayside Milk Farm - Bayside, NY

Bayside Milk Farm Owner: Michael Perulli Opened: 1976 Cooperative: Krasdale Location: 35-15 Bell Blvd, Bayside, NY Photographed: December 2019 Okay, so I mentioned yesterday at the Food Universe in Bayside that some stores are kinda boring and some are real standouts. This store solidly fits in the latter category! I added this one to my latest trip through New York City mostly out of curiosity and I was not disappointed. You don't come to this 4900 square foot store for a spacious big box experience. You come for top-notch produce, meat, bakery, and mostly... deli. Stores like this defy categorization - they're by no means gourmet markets but have excellent perishables. They are only their own category. Gorgeous produce. You feel like you're shopping in a farmstand. The displays are all perfect, too. The store was actually far busier than it appears in these pictures. Cheese and deli, their specialty... Sorry Food Universe, but that's a deli! The store also has tiny but c…

TOUR: New Age Fresh Market - Flushing, NY

New Age Fresh Market Owner: unknown Opened: 2014 Cooperative: none Location: 160-06 Northern Blvd, Flushing, NY Photographed: July 2018 This former theater building was converted sometime around 2008 to an independent Chinese supermarket, L&L Supermarket, which was closed by about 2012. By 2014, it was up and running as the current tenant, New Age Fresh Market. The sprawling 20,000 square foot, two-floor building includes a food court on the second floor (not open at the time of my visit) and an independent bakery on the first floor. The checkouts run along the front wall, with seafood, meat, and dairy on the left side wall, packaged meat in the back, and frozen on the right wall. Produce is in the front center with grocery aisles behind it. A sharp paint scheme and signage in many languages brighten up the outside of this hulking building, which feels rather out of place along Northern Blvd. Seafood, including live fish, is the first department you see upon entering the store, with a…