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Snapshot: Antillana Fresh Meat Market - Longwood, Bronx, NY

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Snapshot: Real Supermarket - Longwood, Bronx, NY

Real Supermarket Owner: Norberto Hernandez Opened: 2009 as Prospect Supermarket, 2013 as Real Supermarket Cooperative: Krasdale Location: 795 Prospect Ave, Longwood, Bronx, NY Photographed: March 2019 And to think for all this time I've been photographing fake ones. This store was previously a furniture store before opening as the AIM (Association of Independent Merchants) Prospect Supermarket in 2009. Later, it was converted to the Real Supermarket. We're actually looking at the back of the store in the above photograph, with the front facing Prospect Avenue. It looks like this store is in the range of about 8-10,000 square feet, and I'd like to return to photograph the interior at some point.

Snapshot: Golden Apple Tree Supermarket - Longwood, Bronx, NY

Golden Apple Tree Supermarket Owner: Roy Diaz Opened: 2013 as Key Food, 2015 as Golden Apple Tree, closed 2019 Cooperative: Key Food Location: 745 Westchester Ave, Longwood, Bronx, NY Photographed: March 2019 This supermarket had been a Bravo since at least 1998. In 2013, Roy Diaz took it over and converted it to a Key Food, followed by a 2015 conversion to Golden Apple Tree (still affiliated with Key Food). Golden Apple Tree never actually got any sign other than a banner over the Key Food logo, and by late 2019 it had been switched back to Bravo. Diaz appears to still own the store. From Google Maps, it looks like the store is 10,000 square feet.

Snapshot: 654 Green Mart - Longwood, Bronx, NY

654 Green Mart Owner: Hyung Jukin Opened: 2008 Cooperative: none Location: 654 Westchester Ave, Longwood, Bronx, NY Photographed: March 2020 Westchester Avenue is one of the major roads through the south Bronx, originating just two blocks west of the Fine Fare we saw yesterday, continuing east through Longwood before crossing the Bronx River into Soundview, then turning north in Unionport before passing through Pelham Bay and ending at INT-95. We're starting at the western end of Longwood and will pass through most of those neighborhoods, beginning with this small greengrocer so similar to so many that we saw in Flatbush.

Coming Soon!

We have completed our Manhattan coverage and are now moving on to the southern part of the Bronx! We're going to start near where INT-95 enters the Bronx (Cross Bronx Expressway), and circle south through Highbridge and Melrose, before turning east along Westchester Avenue through Longwood. We'll cross the Bronx River before heading through Soundview and Castle Hill, then crossing the Westchester Creek into Throggs Neck. Stay tuned!

TOUR: NYC Fresh Market - East Harlem, Manhattan, NY

NYC Fresh Market Owner: Mark Goris Opened: 2010 Cooperative: Krasdale Location: 1660 Madison Ave, East Harlem, Manhattan, NY Photographed: January 2020 Today we have a store tour in the next block north of Sami Deli & Halal Market! This NYC Fresh Market (which also has a location at 150 Myrtle Ave in Brooklyn and owns the Silver Star Meat Market at 3838 Nostrand Ave in Brooklyn) opened in 2010 in the ground floor of a mixed-use East Harlem development. While it's been under the supervision of the Krasdale cooperative, signs installed in late 2019 indicate that the store was to be converted to a CTown Fresh Market. (That's the banner over the sign that's fallen down slightly.) This upscale, fairly large supermarket is made up of two rooms. First, we enter to an island with hot food and cheese (pictured here), with deli/bakery/sushi to the left, produce to the right, and meats on the back of the island. The main supermarket part continues behind produce with dairy, frozen, g…

Snapshot: Sami Deli & Halal Market - East Harlem, Manhattan, NY

Sami Deli & Halal Market Owner: Sanzida Khanam Opened: 2019 Cooperative: unknown Location: 1630 Madison Ave, East Harlem, Manhattan, NY Photographed: January 2020 Today's snapshot is a relatively new deli-grocery store that also has Halal groceries just two blocks north of Associated. It looks like this space was previously a Dunkin' Donuts, but it also looks like Sami Deli & Halal Market kind of expanded the space.