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TOUR: Brothers Foodmax - Lancaster, PA

Brothers Foodmax Owner: Adriano Gomez Opened:  2018 Cooperative:  Associated Supermarket Group (?) Location:  920 S Duke St, Lancaster, PA Photographed:  August 20, 2019 Yesterday's store was in a former Family Dollar, which moved across the street around 2017. When the Family Dollar moved, it moved into the newly-constructed Conestoga River Plaza, anchored by that store and an 11,000 square foot Brothers Foodmax supermarket. This is Brothers' second location in town, with a smaller Brothers International Supermarket in the next block west (we'll be headed there tomorrow). Brothers also annouced they were opening a store around the same time at 625 E Orange St in Lancaster, which may have been canceled as no visible progress has been made on the site and they've since opened another new store in Lebanon, PA, about 25 miles north. There are quite a few interesting things about this store, the first of which is the decor. As we'll see, the decor appears to be enti

Snapshot: Junior's Food Market - Lancaster, PA

Junior's Food Market Owner: unknown Opened:  ca. 2017 - ca. 2020 Cooperative:  none Location:  917 S Duke St, Lancaster, PA Photographed:  August 20, 2019 We're right above the Lancaster County Central Park on the Conestoga River to visit a grouping of three small grocery stores along South Duke Street. Our first one here is Junior's Food Market, which was open from about 2017 through about 2020 in a former Family Dollar in a very interesting rounded building. The store is about 6500 square feet, and around 2020, became the Cilantro Food Market. It's a surprisingly complete supermarket these days, and I didn't really know that or I would've gone in. It also appears to be using some former A&P decor . Tomorrow, we're headed across the street to tour the largest and newest food store at this intersection here on The Independent Edition!

Look Inside: Community Natural Food Store - New Holland, PA

Community Natural Food Store Owner: Annamarie Burkholder Opened:  ca. 2011 in this location Cooperative:  none Location:  128 E Main St, New Holland, PA Photographed:  August 20, 2019 Just next door from yesterday's Save-Mor Groceries is today's Community Natural Food Store. As I mentioned on that post, these two used to share a building on Railroad Avenue, until around 2011 this store moved to this current building, which as far as I can tell was purpose-built for this store. Save-Mor, in turn, moved out of the Railroad Avenue storefront to the neighboring one here in 2015. I guess these two can't be apart for too long. The selection here is rather different from what we might expect in other natural food stores. Prominent in the front of the 7500 square foot storefront are bulk foods and natural HABA/home goods. I might expect to have produce or some other perishable like that in the front, but the perishables are actually all at the back of the store in a separate room

Look Inside: Save-Mor Groceries - New Holland, PA

Save-Mor Groceries Owner: Lee Stauffer Opened:  2015 in this location Cooperative:  none Location:  138 E Main St, New Holland, PA Photographed:  August 20, 2019 Here in downtown New Holland, we have two grocery stores that are basically right next door to each other, Save-Mor Groceries and the Community Natural Food Store. Save-Mor Groceries opened up shop here in 2015, after moving from 14 S Railroad Avenue around the corner where they were even closer to the natural food store (which shared the building). Today, the natural food store is next door to Save-Mor but in a new-build building. The former Ritz theater in town has seen a few uses , but Save-Mor is the latest tenant in the 4200 square foot space. There's not a whole lot left from the theater inside, but the marquee and facade largely has been preserved outside. This is another salvage grocery store, although much smaller than the last one we saw . Perishables here are kept to a minimum. The focus is on salvage and bulk

TOUR: Yoder's Country Market - New Holland, PA

Yoder's Country Market Owner: John and Darlene Yoder Opened:  1984 Cooperative:  IGA (Family Owned Markets) Location:  14 S Tower Rd, New Holland, PA Photographed:  August 20, 2019 We just left the Shady Maple Farm Market in East Earl , a massive country grocery store with a huge buffet restaurant attached to it. And now we're about two miles away at Yoder's Country Market, another massive country grocery store with a huge buffet restaurant attached to it. Combined, this building takes up over 112,000 square feet. The grocery store first opened in 1980 and may have been expanded to its current size, most likely around 2000. We enter to the bakery department in the front right corner, with produce in the first aisle. Deli/cheese and meat/seafood are at the back of the first aisle, with the rest of the meat department on the back wall. Dairy is beyond that on the back wall and continuing down aisle 12, with frozen in aisles 10-12. There are 19 aisles total, and the last few