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Snapshot: Adelita's Mexican Market - Norristown, PA

Adelita's Mexican Market
Owner: Ellie Adelita
Opened: 2003
Cooperative: none
 344 W Marshall St, Norristown, PA
Photographed: July 22, 2021
Our next Norristown stop is Adelita's Mexican Market, a small corner store that's one of many corner and small storefronts selling groceries (including quite a few selling Latin American foods) around the city. Looks like the store is about 1700 square feet. I do think Norristown is a very nice town with some great buildings -- a lot of old but nicely preserved and maintained buildings like this one, and a lot of trees lining the main streets. Anyway, our next stop is outside of town just a little bit to the west, and we're going to tour that tomorrow here on The Independent Edition!