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Look Inside: Save-Mor Groceries - New Holland, PA

Save-Mor Groceries
Owner: Lee Stauffer
Opened: 2015 in this location
Cooperative: none
 138 E Main St, New Holland, PA
Photographed: August 20, 2019
Here in downtown New Holland, we have two grocery stores that are basically right next door to each other, Save-Mor Groceries and the Community Natural Food Store. Save-Mor Groceries opened up shop here in 2015, after moving from 14 S Railroad Avenue around the corner where they were even closer to the natural food store (which shared the building). Today, the natural food store is next door to Save-Mor but in a new-build building.
The former Ritz theater in town has seen a few uses, but Save-Mor is the latest tenant in the 4200 square foot space. There's not a whole lot left from the theater inside, but the marquee and facade largely has been preserved outside.
This is another salvage grocery store, although much smaller than the last one we saw.
Perishables here are kept to a minimum. The focus is on salvage and bulk grocery items, although there's frozen foods here too.
As we can see, there remains some evidence of a prior usage of the building with the second floor and this whole structure on the back wall, but it's unclear to me exactly how the theater was set up.
Now let's take a look at some of the products...
America's Choice, from our friends at A&P, featuring waxed paper for just $0.75 and utensils for $1.25...
And if you're not in the market for nonfoods from a defunct grocery chain, perhaps this $23 sack of oats (25 pounds? 50 pounds?) will do it for you.
Anyway, that's all for our look at Save-Mor. As you've probably guessed, our next stop is the Community Natural Food Store next door, where we're headed tomorrow!