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TOUR: Kimberton Whole Foods - Downingtown, PA

Kimberton Whole Foods
Owner: Terry Brett
Opened: 2004
Cooperative: INFRA
 150 E Pennsylvania Ave, Downingtown, PA
Photographed: August 20, 2019
We're at our second store here in Downingtown, about a mile and a half west of the Wegmans we saw yesterday. This store is 6100 square feet -- the Wegmans is nearly 20 times as large. But this Kimberton Whole Foods is a very pleasant outpost of the eastern PA natural foods chain. Originating in Kimberton, PA, the chain has since expanded to six locations with one more coming soon.
Kimberton's produce is one of its strongest features, with a large amount of it coming from local farms including a farming cooperative based in Lancaster. While this store is quite nice, we can tell it's an older Kimberton store compared to newer stores like Collegeville, in part of a former ACME.
Produce is in the front right corner, and dairy, meat, and frozen line the outside walls.
There's some short grocery aisles in the middle, along with some prepared foods at the front of the store. I don't believe there's a deli here.
Kimberton Whole Foods is a member of INFRA, or the Independent Natural Food Retailers' Association, which represents about 300 stores across the US.
There's an emphasis on locally produced items here, which is easy enough because this part of Pennsylvania produces just about any kind of food you'd want, especially meat, dairy, and produce. Shortly, we'll be seeing a store actually located at a dairy.
Back over to the first aisle for produce and dairy.
I'm not sure whether the store has been renovated since it opened, but it wouldn't surprise me. It's not brand-new, but it doesn't look almost 20 years old now.
And in the front left corner is the HABA department.
That's all for this Kimberton Whole Foods, which is very nice but not overly impressive. We will be seeing one of their other stores very soon which is very nice and extremely impressive. But don't get me wrong, this is a really nice place to shop and a good selection of local and natural foods. Up next we're on to another independent supermarket in town, or just outside of it, tomorrow right here on The Independent Edition!