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Snapshot: Bleecker Farm - Manhattan, NY

Bleecker Farm Owner:  Kyong S Lee Opened:  1996 Cooperative:  none Location:  272 Bleecker St, Manhattan, NY Photographed:  August 2018 There are actually very few of these remaining in Manhattan, variously called greengrocers, Korean grocers, produce stores, and so on. But the Bleecker Farm holds on. It features grocery/dairy, flowers, produce, and a deli. This particular location is in the southern part of Greenwich Village.

Snapshot: Brooklyn Fare - West Village, Manhattan, NY

Brooklyn Fare Owner:  Moe Issa Opened:  2016 Cooperative:  Key Food Stores Location:  666 Greenwich St, Manhattan, NY Photographed:  August 2018 A few blocks down from the D'Agostino we saw yesterday on The Market Report is this Key Food-affiliated store. Brooklyn Fare has three locations, one in Brooklyn and two in Manhattan. While it's no less expensive than the D'Agostino (and maybe more expensive), it's just a far superior store. The store is larger, for one, meaning its selection is better, but the quality is also undoubtedly better.

Snapshot: Murray Hill Market - Manhattan, NY

Murray Hill Market Owner:  unknown Opened:  unknown Cooperative:  none Location:  136 E 34th St, Manhattan, NY Photographed:  February 2018 This 24-hour grocery/deli is also in the immediate vicinity of the United Nations, but just south of it rather than the Gristedes north of it. It's located at the corner of 34th St and Lexington Ave and is one of the ubiquitous corner deli-groceries that dot all five boroughs of the city.

Snapshot: Terra Market - Manhattan, NY

Terra Market Owner:  unknown Opened:  unknown Cooperative:  none Location:  533 9th Ave, Manhattan, NY Photographed:  August 2018 Highly observant readers will notice that, in fact, this store is only two doors down from the Big Apple Meat Market which we saw earlier today! This one appears to be smaller and produce focused, while Big Apple is meat, dairy, and frozen. (They do, however, sell produce, and both stores sell groceries.)

Snapshot: Big Apple Meat Market - Manhattan, NY

Big Apple Meat Market Owner:  Peter Castellana III / Cactus Holdings Opened:  1992, 2013 in current location Cooperative:  none Location:  529 9th Ave, Manhattan, NY Photographed:  August 2018 Owned by the same folks who own the Western Beef chain, the Big Apple Meat Market in the Garment District is the type of quirky small business that seems to be rapidly disappearing. The New York Times, in fact, did a feature on the store before it moved to its present location. I would definitely check out that article for a really interesting look into this business! Other note - we're doubling up today, so we'll be seeing another store today at noon here on The Independent Edition!