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Look Inside: Red Berry Farm - Middletown, NY

Red Berry Farm Owner: unknown Opened:  2014 Cooperative:  none Location:  357 NY-211, Middletown, NY Photographed:  February 3, 2021 It's time for our final Middletown store! There are plenty of grocers in Middletown we haven't covered -- see here for an inexhaustive list -- but those will have to wait until I can get back up to the area again. The Red Berry Farm opened in 2014 in a roughly 8,000 square foot space. And you guessed it from the facade -- the space is half of a former A&P centennial store built in the 1960s, or shortly after the ShopRite next door . There was actually another centennial in Middletown, this one right in downtown at 125 North Street . It's no longer a grocery store, but right next door is an indie called Garcia's Market. Red Berry Farm is mostly a produce market -- and a very extensive one at that -- but there are also a few groceries and a deli and seafood counter in the back. It's a very attractive little store with a lot of nic

TOUR: Wurtsboro G-Mart - Wurtsboro, NY

Wurtsboro G-Mart Owner: Jim Gutekunst Opened:  1999 Cooperative:  IGA Location:  2390 US-209, Wurtsboro, NY Photographed:  February 3, 2021 In a town of just 1100 people, this independent supermarket has been here for almost 25 years. It appears to have been built as the Wurtsboro G-Mart back in 1999, and G-Mart is affiliated with IGA. The store is not that big -- just about 12,000 square feet -- and interestingly, uses the same decor as the Peck's Market in Eldred . The only relation I can come up with is that they are both IGA stores, so it's possible this was decor supplied to operators by IGA or a local distributor or affiliate. Produce is in the front right corner of the store, with dairy continuing down the first aisle. Meat and deli are on the back wall, with bakery and frozen foods in the last aisle. If the store was built in 1999, it's likely it has not gotten any updates since then. The decor and fixtures mostly look to be around that age. It's possible, too,

TOUR: Rock Hill Trading Post - Rock Hill, NY

Rock Hill Trading Post Owner:  Daniel Resnick Open:  2021 under current ownership Cooperative:  Key Food Stores Location:  214 Rock Hill Dr, Rock Hill, NY Photographed:  February 3, 2021 The Rock Hill Trading Post is a roughly 10,000 square foot combination supermarket, hardware store, and general merchandise store -- basically a modern-day general store. And, as you can tell from the outside picture, it's a Key Food! The store was purchased by the Resnicks, who also owned the Liberty Market and the Apollo Plaza , in 2017. They renovated the store and joined Key Food after they took over, but the general-store feeling is maintained. We enter to produce, with Scrabble tile-inspired signage, in the middle of the store. The supermarket is on one side with the hardware store on the other, and we'll check out both. The hardware store is affiliated with Ace hardware. As we can see, the renovation appears to have been relatively extensive, with new flooring, fixtures, and decor all t

Look Inside: Liberty Farm Plus - Liberty, NY

Liberty Farm Plus Owner:  unknown Opened:  2014 Cooperative:  none Location:  178 Mill St, Liberty, NY Photographed:  February 3, 2021 Just outside downtown Liberty is this small store, called Liberty Farm Plus. It's half-greengrocer, half-natural food store in around 5,000 square feet. It appears to have previously been an auto garage. One room, on the right side, has produce, dairy, and frozen foods. In the other room, on the left, we see a few short grocery aisles. Liberty Farm Plus is about 3/4 of a mile outside of downtown, but there's another supermarket outside of town that we'll be touring tomorrow on The Market Report ! Did you see all the posts from this weekend? Here's a recap... Saturday CTown Supermarkets - Soundview, Bronx, NY Future Supermarket - Parkchester, Bronx, NY Bravo Supermarkets - Soundview, Bronx, NY Sunday Extra Supermarkets - East Orange, NJ Bloomingdale Supermarket - Bloomingdale, NJ

Special Report: Bloomingdale Supermarket - Bloomingdale, NJ

Bloomingdale Supermarket by Foodtown Owner: Adam Shapiro Opened:  January 5, 2024 Cooperative:  Allegiance Retail Services Location:  78 Main St, Bloomingdale, NJ Photographed:  January 8, 2024 After what felt like a long period of time with lots of Key Food updates, it seems like this latest round of updates has been heavy on the Krasdale! Here's a look at a store that's neither: Allegiance Retail Services (Foodtown/Pathmark/Green Way/Shop n Bag) has opened its latest store in the small northern New Jersey town of Bloomingdale, a store of just 8,000 square feet (although it may have basement space) that was built in the 1950s as a Big Leader Supermarket, then became a ShopRite in the 1960s, then a Pathmark before the store moved to the Kinnelon location that's now Stop & Shop in the 1970s. (It must have been quite the upgrade to go from 8,000 square feet to the Kinnelon location's original 40,000 square feet.) Other independents occupied the space after that, alt