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Special Report: Extra Supermarkets - East Orange, NJ

Extra Supermarkets
Owner: Orfilio Chaviano and Nick Gonzalez
Opening: Spring 2024
Cooperative: none
Location: 80 Central Ave, East Orange, NJ
Photographed: December 20, 2023
Extra Supermarkets is preparing a second store in East Orange! Their original East Orange store is in the former ShopRite at 563 Central Ave, and now a second one is under construction in a former 11,000 square foot Rite Aid-turned-Walgreens 16 blocks (a little over a mile) to the east. This one is just a couple blocks west of the Newark border, while the other one is about the same distance to the Orange border. The store was announced last September and is expected to open this spring (originally expected to open last fall). In addition to Extra locations in East Orange, Newark, Maplewood, and Dover, this group owns Food Depot stores in Newark, Kearny, and Belleville (although the East Orange one that was supposedly in progress a while ago has been canceled and the building is now a warehouse for Fantin Supply, a distributor of building materials). The group's stores use a combination of Krasdale and Best Yet storebrand items, and it doesn't seem like they're actually a member of any cooperative at the moment. It's also worth noting that the East Orange ShopRite is being rebuilt in a new building within the same complex, and signage for a renovation coming soon was posted a while ago at the other East Orange Extra (although I haven't been back to check). I'm looking forward to checking this one out when it opens! In the meantime, here's the other posts for this weekend...