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TOUR: Peck's Market - Jeffersonville, NY

Peck's Market
Owner: Lee Reimer
Opened: unknown
Cooperative: IGA
 4897 NY-52, Jeffersonville, NY
Photographed: February 3, 2021
It's time for our last Peck's Market in this region! (We, unfortunately, are not going to be touring Livingston Manor.) This store is slightly larger than Eldred, Narrowsburg, and Callicoon, at just under 20,000 square feet. Like the others, though, it's been expanded almost too many times to count, most recently around 2005. The building, though, dates back to at least the 1960s or early 1950s.
We enter on the far left side of the store to the deli and bakery in one of the expansion rooms. Dairy and meat are on the back wall, with frozen on the far right side.
As we can see, the flooring is pretty new in the deli room, which is kind of separated in one of the expansions. The main supermarket building begins to the right of this, with produce in the first aisle. As we see, there's a somewhat retro decor package here with a lot of fun colors.
There's a lower aisle between aisles 1 and 2 with produce on one side and grocery shelving on the other side.
Over on the back wall, we see dairy and meat. Again, the fixtures are older but maintenance is excellent around the store.
It's extremely clean and orderly across the store.
Here's evidence of the expansion: in aisle 6, there's a wall where the store apparently ended previously. Beyond that is the frozen department.
I believe there are a total of 9 aisles in the store, with the last three aisles in the expansion area.
The decor is funky and colorful, much like what we saw in Callicoon.
As we head back towards the main supermarket, we can see the last aisles in the expansion.
A look across the front-end, and you can see the doorway to the deli/bakery area all the way across.
We have seen quite a bit of stores right along the NY/PA border, and now we're going to turn inland and check out the larger town of Liberty to the east starting with a small store here on The Independent Edition!


  1. Are those second hand target carts?

    1. Good question - they definitely look like they've been around for a bit (with the one having the grey section replacement, at least one with no handle and others with a more orange colored handle either faded quicker or replaced over time).

      Did someone say the next town was going to be Liberty Biberty? ;)

      Or have I just seen too many insurance commercials? ;)

    2. They most likely are. It is standard practice for anyone using former Target carts secondhand to remove all visible traces of Target. Knowing that Target has not used this style of cart for over a decade, these being here for some time would not be much of a stretch, though they are still fairly unusual for supermarkets like this.

    3. They certainly could be Target carts, but I'd defer to Retail Regents' superior knowledge for that. As for insurance, I can't say I've heard that commercial!

    4. Must just depend on the area - the commercials are for Liberty Mutual, often featuring Limu the Emu as well, but they use they will also use the Liberty Bibberty line (seems to be a rhyming theme, since Limu does with Emu, plus being from their name as well).

      Maybe that company is more popular (or wants to be) up here in NY State?

    5. Yeah, I'm familiar with the Limu Emu commercials, but also I tend to tune out commercials in general. I probably have seen them at some point!


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