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TOUR: Rock Hill Trading Post - Rock Hill, NY

Rock Hill Trading Post
Owner: Daniel Resnick
Open: 2021 under current ownership
Cooperative: Key Food Stores
 214 Rock Hill Dr, Rock Hill, NY
Photographed: February 3, 2021
The Rock Hill Trading Post is a roughly 10,000 square foot combination supermarket, hardware store, and general merchandise store -- basically a modern-day general store. And, as you can tell from the outside picture, it's a Key Food!
The store was purchased by the Resnicks, who also owned the Liberty Market and the Apollo Plaza, in 2017. They renovated the store and joined Key Food after they took over, but the general-store feeling is maintained.
We enter to produce, with Scrabble tile-inspired signage, in the middle of the store. The supermarket is on one side with the hardware store on the other, and we'll check out both. The hardware store is affiliated with Ace hardware.
As we can see, the renovation appears to have been relatively extensive, with new flooring, fixtures, and decor all throughout the store. The shelving and cases are all new, and they look great.
It looks like, although I'm not sure, the store previously had less emphasis on the grocery side, but these days, it's a very complete grocery selection and runs a regular circular. I really don't remember the layout too strongly, but I believe produce divides the store in the middle. The right side is hardware and general merchandise, and the left side is grocery. Meat and deli are on the front wall, with dairy on the left side and frozen on the back wall -- or at least that's how I remember it! Meat might actually be on the back wall... I don't honestly remember.
There's no bakery department here, but there are some baked goods.
See, this is where the layout starts to confuse me. As I remember, the grocery aisles run front to back here, meaning that meats would then have to also be running front to back, based on this picture. But I really can't remember. Anyone else been there?
And on the other side of the store, we see the newly-renovated hardware side...
This is a very well-stocked independent hardware store! In a very small space, there's a lot to choose from, much like the grocery side.
I'm not sure how to write tours for hardware stores, since this is a little out of my specialty. But I liked this store!
And opposite the hardware section is a housewares department, with HABA, toys, paper and cleaning, and similar items.
Even magazines!
And the two sides share a set of registers in the middle, which are near the entrance.
That's all for this maze of a store, but it's packed with stuff! And a very nice place. Around 6 miles to the southeast is another independent supermarket, which we'll be touring tomorrow!


  1. The easy way to write a tour for a hardware store?

    Just give us the nuts and bolts of the story ;)

  2. At least this store has more cohesion compared to Charlie John's up around here - most notably the hardware portion of the store. Here it blends in unlike the Charlie John's Store where the expansion looks entirely different from the original grocery space, which makes it look obvious that it is an expansion.

    1. Interesting! I have been intrigued by Charlie John's but I get what you're saying about the cohesion. Very interesting.


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