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TOUR: Pete's Market - Narrowsburg, NY

Pete's Market
Owner: Praful Desai
Opened: 2014 under current ownership; unknown previously
Cooperative: IGA
 120 Kirks Rd, Narrowsburg, NY
Photographed: February 3, 2021
Welcome to Narrowsburg! I mentioned yesterday a bit of this store's history, but to recap, the store was built around the 1970s, but I'm not sure who occupied the space for the store's first few decades of life. By 2012, the store was a Peck's Market, affiliated with IGA. But by 2014, the store and its property was sold, and the store became Pete's Market that year.
We enter to find the deli and bakery in the front right corner. Produce is in the first aisle, with meat on the back wall, and frozen and dairy on the left side in the last aisle.
The 15,000 square foot store is the only supermarket in the area -- you'd otherwise have to travel 10 miles south to Peck's in Eldred (linked above), 10 miles west to Honesdale (see here, here, and here), or 10 miles north to Callicoon, where there's also a Peck's (and that's tomorrow's post).
As we see, the store is on the older side but I can't fully tell exactly how old the interior is. This decor resembles decor we'll see in the Callicoon Peck's, which I believe is designed with an old-fashioned feeling in mind but is not itself that old. Then again, it's possible this is the original decor from this store's 1970s opening.
Fixtures are on the older side, but we can see maintenance has been impeccable around the store.
Even though this store is no longer a Peck's, it sells the same storebrands as Peck's because it's still IGA. IGA, LifeGoods/Life Every Day, Hy-Top, and Seven Farms are all represented on the shelves.
There are very few stores of any kind in this area, so you see some hardware and nonfoods items here.
This store, as we can see in the last few pictures, has a very slightly pitched roof.
Here we see an older McCormick spice rack, although once again it's hard to tell the exact age.
A small dairy and frozen selection is in the last aisle, with both departments taking up one side of the last aisle.
And frozen foods take us into the front-end, with four registers at the front of the store.
This area has a lot of Peck's presence, and tomorrow, we'll see another one up in Callicoon! Come back tomorrow to check it out.