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TOUR: Wurtsboro G-Mart - Wurtsboro, NY

Wurtsboro G-Mart
Owner: Jim Gutekunst
Opened: 1999
Cooperative: IGA
 2390 US-209, Wurtsboro, NY
Photographed: February 3, 2021
In a town of just 1100 people, this independent supermarket has been here for almost 25 years. It appears to have been built as the Wurtsboro G-Mart back in 1999, and G-Mart is affiliated with IGA. The store is not that big -- just about 12,000 square feet -- and interestingly, uses the same decor as the Peck's Market in Eldred. The only relation I can come up with is that they are both IGA stores, so it's possible this was decor supplied to operators by IGA or a local distributor or affiliate.
Produce is in the front right corner of the store, with dairy continuing down the first aisle. Meat and deli are on the back wall, with bakery and frozen foods in the last aisle.
If the store was built in 1999, it's likely it has not gotten any updates since then. The decor and fixtures mostly look to be around that age.
It's possible, too, that this store was built by Peck's or was intended to be a Peck's, or that the Eldred store retained its decor from a previous tenant.
Deli and bakery are here in the back left corner, continuing down the last aisle.
And frozen foods take up part of the last aisle and the second-to-last aisle...
Frozen foods then also take up the front corner of the store to round us out.
Remember that I visited this store in early 2021, which explains the shower curtains, I mean coronavirus shields at the registers and service counters.
The largest town in this area is Middletown, and that's where we're headed next! We'll be spending around a week there, but unfortunately we're only seeing a small sliver of what's in the city. We're starting with a look at the history of the ShopRites in town tomorrow on Grocery Archaeology!