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TOUR: Peck's Market - Callicoon, NY

Peck's Market
Owner: Lee Reimer
Opened: 1974
Cooperative: IGA
 9 Lower Main St, Callicoon, NY
Photographed: February 3, 2021
Moving right along, we're here in the tiny town of Callicoon, NY! The hamlet has a population of just 200 and a tiny downtown on Lower Main Street, across the train tracks from Upper Main Street. The 17,000 square foot store is built around a 9600 square foot barrel-roof building which dates back to at least around 1960, if not before. Peck's has been here since 1974.
The store is an intriguing mixture of old and new, but it's definitely a well-maintained and slightly upscale supermarket. We enter to deli and bakery near the entrance, with meat in the first aisle. Produce is on the back wall of the store, with dairy and frozen in the last aisle. Notice below, the old-fashioned Peck's Markets signage that seems not unlike what we saw yesterday in Pete's.
This store's decor package seems to be a retro-style decor package, but looks relatively new. Fixtures, too, look pretty recent in a lot of the store.
Here we see the store opens up a bit to the produce in the back of the store. I was expecting a much more tired, old store based on the outside (since interior pictures are limited online), but I was happy to see that this and the other Peck's stores are generally quite nice.
The grocery aisles are well-stocked and clean, with some higher-end local, organic, and specialty items mixed in.
HABA opposite canned tomatoes, but that's the reality of having a rather full line of grocery items in a small store...
Note the same McCormick spice display that Pete's had here too.
This is a slightly strange place to put produce, so I actually wonder if meat was once here with produce in the first aisle. Then, maybe, when the produce department was expanded, it was moved to the back so as not to take away a grocery aisles. In fact, these columns here could mean the back wall was moved back at some point.
Dairy and frozen, like Narrowsburg, are both on the outside of the last aisle. Notice the local yogurts on the far right of the picture.
And these cases look pretty new. The freezers continue onto the front wall.
Four registers seems to be the going rate around these parts, with this store having just those four also (plus a customer service counter).
We have another Peck's to check out tomorrow, so come back to check it out!