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Look Inside: Red Berry Farm - Middletown, NY

Red Berry Farm
Owner: unknown
Opened: 2014
Cooperative: none
 357 NY-211, Middletown, NY
Photographed: February 3, 2021
It's time for our final Middletown store! There are plenty of grocers in Middletown we haven't covered -- see here for an inexhaustive list -- but those will have to wait until I can get back up to the area again. The Red Berry Farm opened in 2014 in a roughly 8,000 square foot space. And you guessed it from the facade -- the space is half of a former A&P centennial store built in the 1960s, or shortly after the ShopRite next door. There was actually another centennial in Middletown, this one right in downtown at 125 North Street. It's no longer a grocery store, but right next door is an indie called Garcia's Market.
Red Berry Farm is mostly a produce market -- and a very extensive one at that -- but there are also a few groceries and a deli and seafood counter in the back. It's a very attractive little store with a lot of nice produce! Speaking of that, we're headed to another place known for its produce for a look tomorrow, right here on The Independent Edition!