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TOUR: Caribbean Supermarket - Mount Vernon, NY

Caribbean Supermarket Owner: Jong Hwang Opened:  1997 Cooperative:  none Location:  223 W 1st St, Mount Vernon, NY Photographed:  December 8, 2023 Mount Vernon is one of the cities in far southern Westchester County like Yonkers, and actually here we're so far south in Westchester County that we're only about two and a half blocks from the Bronx. This Caribbean Supermarket is around 5,000 square feet but built around a building of about 3900 square feet, with the rest being in this somewhat tentlike expansion in the front. There are two aisles of produce in that expansion area, then three more aisles in the main supermarket, with dairy in the front one (they run side to side) and meat and seafood at the back. The registers are on the left side of the store. Despite what it looks like in my exterior picture, there is actually a sign that says Caribbean Supermarket that faces the street. There also used to be a second location in Mount Vernon, at 333 S Fulton Ave , that's n

Coming Soon!

    It's time for our last county in New York before we move into New England, starting with Connecticut! We've spent a fair amount of time in Westchester County already, so this is a relatively quick group of stores. Starting tomorrow, we're going to spend just around a week taking a trip through Westchester County from the south, near where it borders the Bronx in Yonkers, up through Mamaroneck, Armonk, Katonah, Goldens Bridge, and ending in Somers. But also we have a brief interruption for a very special Leap Day feature on February 29th! And some maneuvering to accommodate a late addition with some more stores in Mount Vernon, so expect a weekend post or two. We're going to begin with a snapshot on  The Market Report  tomorrow!

TOUR: The Market of Rockland - West Haverstraw, NY

The Market of Rockland Owner: Jasmine Perez Open:  2021-2023 Cooperative:  Retail Grocers Group Location:  91 US-9W, West Haverstraw, NY Photographed:  June 2, 2021 At just 8,000 square feet, The Market of Rockland is a very, very small supermarket. But it's still a supermarket nonetheless! The store opened in a former West Marine store in 2021, branding itself the rather wordy The Market of Rockland by Antillana Super Food, Antillana being a chain of small supermarkets in the Bronx and northern Manhattan. They also have one new and much larger store in Morris Heights, the Bronx . We enter to the produce and dairy departments on the right side of the store, with the meat and seafood counters at the back. Frozen foods are on the left side of the store, and a compact area offering the deli, a juice bar, and a hot food bar is in the front left corner. The space is very small and fairly cramped inside, but they sure pack in a lot. Unfortunately, The Market of Rockland isn't here

Look Inside: 9W Farm - Haverstraw, NY

9W Farm Owner: Seong Pyo Hong Opened:  2006 Cooperative:  none Location:  212 US-9W, Haverstraw, NY Photographed: June 2, 2021 In 2005, a Met Foodmarket opened at the other end of this strip mall in part of a former A&P. That store later became an NSA and then an Ideal Food Basket . But the following year, the 9W Farm opened up shop. It's a small, roughly 5,000 square foot store, mostly selling produce but with some grocery items and flowers, too, along with a seafood department. We don't have an extensive look inside (and we saw the outside quickly before), but it's a nice little place with a lot of produce! Tomorrow, we're headed across the street to check out another small supermarket.

TOUR: Evergreen Uptown - Pomona, NY

Evergreen Uptown Owner: unknown Opened:  March 2022 Cooperative:  none Location:  1581 US-202, Pomona, NY Photographed:  August 18, 2023 Welcome to Evergreen Uptown! The store opened in March 2022 in a former Grand Union-turned-Stop & Shop, turning the 51,000 square foot space into a kosher supermarket with several outside businesses, like a kitchen goods store and a toy store, but clearly a supermarket that caters to a broader customer base than a store like Bingo in Spring Valley , whose customer base is truly almost entirely Orthodox Jewish. Don't forget to read up on the store's history, and see some in-progress photos, here . We enter in the front-right corner to a produce department and a large bakery on the right side wall of the store. Seafood and meat are on the back wall of the store, but part of the meat department continues into a large section in the middle of the grocery aisles with frozen foods behind it. Dairy is on the left side of the store as well as a m