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TOUR: Super Supermarket - Haledon, NJ

Super Supermarket Owner:  Antonio Perez Opened:  2008 under current ownership Cooperative:  Retail Grocers Group Location:  408 Haledon Ave, Haledon, NJ Photographed:  July 2020 There is one important piece of business we must cover before we tour this store. Can any native Haledonians out there tell me how this town's name is pronounced? Is it "Hail-dun" or "Hail-a-dun" or "Hal-a-dun" or "Hal-dun"? (Oh, and by the way, I've learned that my native New Jersey pronunciation of some words is important here. To me, the first syllable of "parents" is not the same sound as "pair," instead being something closer to pahr, a sound that my good friend who's a Baltimore native actually cannot recreate. In most regions of the country, that sound doesn't exist. Another example is that the name Mary and the word marry are two very different sounds. So I guess I'm asking about the difference between the

TOUR: Corrado's Market - Wayne, NJ

Corrado's Market Owner:  Jimmy Corrado Opened:  2004 Cooperative:  Associated Supermarket Group Location:  201 Berdan Ave, Wayne, NJ Photographed:  August 2019 This 35,000 square foot store backs up to the large Point View Reservoir, being in Corrado Plaza which is right behind the Preakness Shopping Center, home to a 64,000 square foot Stop & Shop. That, in turn, is just behind the Berdan Shopping Center, which is anchored by a 7200 square foot Trader Joe's. Both Preakness and Berdan have former A&Ps as well. Anyway, the store was built as a Kings Food Market but is now a Corrado's Market . It's been extensively renovated by Corrado's and even includes a TrueValue hardware department. You enter to a gorgeous and enormous produce department, with customer service just inside the entrance to the right. Meat, seafood, and dairy run along the back wall, with frozen in the second-to-last aisle and more dairy along with deli/bakery,

Look Inside: Circle 3 Farms - Pompton Plains, NJ

Circle 3 Farms Owner:  Kyung Chang Min Opened:  2006 Cooperative:  none Location:  950 NJ-23, Pompton Plains, NJ Photographed:  July 2020 Today's look inside is a greengrocer store on Route 23, or the Pompton Turnpike , which also owns a flower and garden center next door. It's a bit of an unusual store, because here in far-northern New Jersey, it would be logical for these businesses to be attached to an actual farm. Instead, it's New York-style greengrocer with produce, gourmet groceries, deli, and actually a sushi counter. Quite similar, in fact, to the one out in Oakland we saw not long ago. Produce takes up the right half of the store, with dairy on the back wall and grocery-deli-sushi on the left. The store is only about 5,000 square feet, and here we're looking from the right side to the left side. One of the produce aisles. Dairy along the back wall in the grocery department. Deli and sushi on the side wall of the store. O

TOUR: Food World Supermarket - Bloomingdale, NJ

Food World Supermarket Owner:  Willy Patel Opened:  unknown Cooperative:  IGA Location:  78 Main St, Bloomingdale, NJ Photographed:  August 2019 This very small store, which is in no way related to the New York chain of the same name, is located in the equally small town of Bloomingdale, located just off NJ-23 where we saw the Stop & Shop in Butler . Bloomingdale and this part of western Passaic County is decidedly less affluent than the southern and eastern parts of Passaic and Bergen Counties. It's hard to pinpoint exactly how large the store is, but I'd bet somewhere in the neighborhood of 6000 square feet. Also, it's actually a pitched-roof building, though the pitch is disguised and may actually encompass a neighboring storefront too. The facade was installed at some point around 2010, but even pre-renovation , it's near impossible to recognize the store as a former chain store. That's because it, in fact, wasn't. It was an early S