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Look Inside: Cedar Knolls Farmers Market - Hanover, NJ

Cedar Knolls Farmers Market
Owner: Unknown
Opened: 2018-2020
Cooperative: none
Location: 99 Ridgedale Ave, Cedar Knolls, Hanover, NJ
Photographed: June 2020
Our next Hanover store is this 4400 square foot produce market in the Cedar Knolls section. The middle part of this strip mall was originally a 9000 square foot Foodtown, which was owned by Bill Michas Jr and Michas Brothers/Manyfoods supermarkets. The store moved into a former Stop & Shop in 1980, later changing hands a few times, farther down Ridgedale in the Cedar Knolls Plaza. This produce market was very well-run and I found the products to be of excellent quality, but unfortunately, after less than three years in business the store closed in late 2020.
The store is made up of about 1/2 or 2/3 produce in the front, with dairy in the back right corner and frozen in the back left corner. Towards the back of the store, there were a few short grocery aisles and a deli on the back wall.
It seems the store owners may have already been downsizing the operation a bit at the time of my visit, with part of the deli closed and blocked off with stock in boxes which we can see to the right here.
A review on Google Maps suggests that the store may be reopened under new ownership, but there's no sign of that so far. But if the store does permanently close, I'm glad I got some interior pictures while it was open! Up next, we're going to see five stores along Route 10, just to the north of here, before circling back in to Florham Park. Come back here tomorrow to see a former supermarket in Morris Plains along with Morris Plains' last operational supermarket on The Market Report!