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TOUR: Tirupati Farmers Market - Parsippany, NJ

Tirupati Farmers Market
Owner: Ajay Kumar
Opened: 2019
Cooperative: none
Location: 1549 US-46, Parsippany, NJ
Photographed: December 2020
We have two more small Indian supermarkets here in Parsippany, and the first of those two is Tirupati Farmers Market here on route 46 just west of Delight Big Bazaar! The store appears to be just over 5000 square feet, making it quite small. It was previously a Subzi Mandi but became Tirupati, which doesn't appear to have any other locations, in 2019. Before we head in, what do we see outside?
You can just barely read it, but the shopping carts are secondhand from Waldbaum's. Now let's head in -- we enter to the left side of the store...
Bulk foods line the left side of the store, with frozen foods along the back wall. Produce and refrigerated/dairy are in the last aisle, with checkouts lining the front wall.
I assume that the flooring is left over from Subzi Mandi or even a previous tenant, since Subzi Mandi typically uses red and white checkerboard flooring. Note that our next store in Parsippany is a Subzi Mandi, just over a mile away. I'm surprised they would have had two stores so close together for such a long time.
Not too much to see in the grocery aisles. I would bet that a lot of this store is left over from Subzi Mandi.
Here we have produce and some more frozen in the last aisle, with refrigerated food in the front part.
And looking towards the back of the store with dairy/refrigerated. So in a way, produce takes up the last two aisles although they're split only by more produce cases.
The registers are set up along a counter across the front of the store, more like a convenience store than a supermarket. That is all for Tirupati, and tomorrow we have two stores -- one, the aforementioned Subzi Mandi (which we actually have briefly seen before) here on The Independent Edition, and the other, a former supermarket out on 46 on Grocery Archaeology!