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TOUR: Delight Big Bazaar - Parsippany, NJ

Delight Big Bazaar
Owner: unknown
Opened: 2016
Cooperative: none
Location: 1470 US-46, Parsippany, NJ
Photographed: August 2019
We are continuing west along route 46 for our next store! This 25,000 square foot store was built, probably in the 1970s, by Pantry Pride as a replacement for the one that later became Pathmark just to the east. It later became a Foodtown, then a Drug Fair and then a Cost Cutters. Now I might actually be wrong about that, and the Pantry Pride/Foodtown building may be just around the corner at 200 Baldwin Rd, which honestly looks more like a 60s/70s supermarket. But anyhow, the store opened around 2016 as Delight Big Bazaar, an Indian supermarket which expanded the space to just under 30,000 square feet.
Delight Big Bazaar is the largest Indian supermarket in this area. Taking a look at the entrance and exit, we see magic carpets still intact for the entrance and the scar from one at the exit on the sidewalk! That's a strong indication that this was the Pantry Pride location since it's such a classic supermarket appearance.
Heading in, we find the largest department at the right side of the store is produce. The expansion is in the front corner with a small selection of Boar's Head deli items (although there isn't a deli here), a lot of single-serve drinks, and random general merchandise.
Interesting produce cases. They look like the style of 70s supermarket cases, but they're in such good shape that they're probably new from when the store opened. On the left, you can see the doorway to the expansion (which I believe was Drug Fair's pharmacy department), as well as the juice bar which appears to be closed.
By the way, the reason we see so many stores with names like Delight Big Bazaar is that Big Bazaar is a large supermarket chain in India.
The aisles are divided front to back, as we've seen elsewhere. Notice also that the shelving is fairly low compared to the relatively high ceilings, so that we can see across the store mostly. Bulk foods line the back wall.
There's a lot of nonfoods items mixed in throughout the store along with the food.
The first aisle, facing produce, has some general grocery goods and the second is cleaning/paper.
Because of its much smaller size, Patel Brothers has none of these items, nor do the next Indian stores we'll see.
And now we get into grocery...
I assume, because of the time difference, nothing here is left from Cost Cutters (which, for those who don't know, was a little bit like a larger Dollar General without the food).
Frozen foods take up the last aisle of the store. Interesting that this store seems to put nonfoods first and then grocery after that.
It looks like these freezers were probably brought in secondhand from elsewhere when the store opened.
We return to the front end for customer service and what I believe is a bakery before we get to the registers.
That wraps up our look at Delight Big Bazaar. Tomorrow we move just west on 46 again to a small Indian store kind of diagonally across the highway right here on The Independent Edition!


  1. Looks like Aisle 8 has a couple things you're not likely to find in most grocery stores ;)

  2. When I moved to Morris County in the '70's, this I believe was a Channel Lumber. The building on the corner was a Mayfair Foodtown, later becoming a R&S Strauss auto parts store. Don't remember when Foodtown closed.


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