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We are wrapping up Morris County with our final group representing Greater Dover and Western Morris County! Now, we left off in Denville, and we're actually going to pick up in Denville again tomorrow but with a store way outside of town. There are more or less three highways running east-west through this part of the county: New Jersey state route 10 at the south, US-46 in the middle, and interstate 80 at the north. We're going to start by seeing a store on route 10 at the southeastern corner of the group, then heading north to Rockaway on 46 and west into downtown Dover just off of 46. From there, we're heading north again to the route 80 area for a few more Rockaway stores (Rockaway is weirdly shaped since there's a borough and a township, and the borough is the small central one and the township surrounds it) before moving on to Wharton, where 80 intersects north-south artery NJ-15 at which point we'll detour north to Jefferson and Oak Ridge. From there, we'll jump all the way out west to the very western border of Morris County for Netcong and circle back around east through Mount Olive, Budd Lake, Succasunna, Ledgewood, Kenvil, and Randolph, which will bring us right back to where we started near Denville. As I've mentioned before, we are roughly passing through most of the middle third of the state from basically Freehold in the south (remember that?) all the way up to Montague at the northern corner of the triangle at the top of the state. So we are almost to the top of the state, where we'll turn around and then go down the entire western border of the state! Let's begin tomorrow with a look at a very short-lived independent store in the southwestern corner of Denville along with the store that replaced it, both here on The Independent Edition!

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