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Look Inside: Subzi Mandi Cash & Carry - Parsippany, NJ

Subzi Mandi Cash & Carry
Owner: Jasbir Singh
Opened: 2016 under current ownership, ca. 2000 previously
Cooperative: none
Location: 251 Littleton Rd, Parsippany, NJ
Photographed: June 2021
Today we are taking a look inside this Subzi Mandi at the corner of Littleton and Parsippany Roads just south of US-46, along with a former ACME at 46 and Parsippany Road. We saw this once before as a former Grand Union, but today we're focusing on the Subzi Mandi. We've also previously seen Subzi Mandis in Iselin and Piscataway.
This store is more similar in size to Piscataway than Iselin, at between 6000 and 7000 square feet. It's extremely deep but very narrow, taking only a small slice of the Grand Union that once occupied this whole building. Much like what we saw at Tirupati, secondhand carts abound before we enter the store...
Here's something interesting. Note that these carts are (mostly) the same age, but we see three different handles: a 90s orange ShopRite handle, a 2000s red ShopRite handle, and a 2010s black Foodtown handle. They're all the same cart -- and the handles were just progressively put on top of each other but some have come off over time. Let's see the inside of the store...
As we can see, the store's interior is quite spacious for its small size. I also found this to be an extremely well-maintained store, certainly the nicest Subzi Mandi.
Freezer cases here on the far left side of the store all look pretty brand-new, too. It looks from online records like the store changed ownership in 2016, but has been open probably for 20+ years so it's possible some refreshing was done in 2016.
Beautiful grocery aisles at the back of the store! I also found the selection here to be quite impressive.
As we can clearly see, a lot of pride is taken in the maintenance and stocking of this store. It's spotless. These boxes were only lined up while the grocery clerk was doing something else elsewhere in the aisle.
11 aisles, although they're not all lined up side-to-side (I think there are only about four or five side to side, the rest are in front/behind). Now that's all for this store, so make sure to check out our other store just to the north here, and tomorrow we progress to our next store west along route 46!


  1. The red handle Shoprite carts look like the ones used in Colalillo Shoprites


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