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TOUR: Wolfson's Market - Lincoln Park, NJ

Wolfson's Market
Owner: Lester Wolfson (seems to have sold in 2011)
Opened: 1921, 2011 under current ownership
Cooperative: none
Location: 480 Boonton Tpk, Lincoln Park, NJ
Photographed: August 2019
Wolfson's Market is our final stop here in Lincoln Park! Make sure to tour the ShopRite and former A&P here. An interesting note here is that the ShopRite is owned by Larri Wolfson while this store was owned by Joseph Wolfson and later Lester Wolfson, and I do not know whether they're related although I have to assume they are (in a town of 10,000 with two grocery stores, what are the chances that two unrelated Wolfsons would own those two stores?). Anyway, it does seem that this store was sold in 2011 but it's unclear who owns it now.
This store of just 7500 square feet is a wonderful classic grocery market but still well-run today. There's a really good selection of all the grocery basics, as well as a liquor department.
Dairy is here in aisle 1, and I believe produce is on the front wall. I don't remember the layout too specifically so let's just enjoy this awesome interior.
How long do you think those aisle markers have been hanging from the ceiling here? But you can see just how clean and nicely stocked this all is. By the way, Wolfson's uses Hy-Top from The Federated Group in IL (but I assume distributed by Bozzuto's in Cheshire, CT).
There's a large deli and butcher counter right in the middle of the store, which seems to be a big draw for a lot of customers. Love that awning!
Newer shelving here in the last few aisles...
There are a few unusual corners to the store, including this nonfoods alcove which I believe is off the back wall.
Here we're looking over into the liquor department, and we have a HABA selection on the front wall across from the registers.
And that is all for Wolfson's! This is a store I want to get back to sometime, and also one I'd recommend stopping by if you're ever in the area -- you won't be disappointed. Make sure to check out today's other posts linked above, and tomorrow, we are heading north (admittedly outside of the Parsippany/Great Piece Meadows area just for the day) for three posts in Butler and Kinnelon -- check out one here on The Market Report, one on The Independent Edition, and one on Grocery Archaeology!


  1. Pretty colorful store, especially that floor tile!

  2. So, you are on video while the on-video sign is on the internet in a photo ;)

    Would make sense that the two were somehow related, and given how far back the store goes (and that the other one was a smaller store at one time as well) probably not surprising that might occur.


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