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Look Inside: The Village Market - Towaco, NJ

The Village Market
Owner: Joanne and Marty Mulhearn
Opened: 2017
Cooperative: none
Location: 702 US-202, Towaco, Montville, NJ
Photographed: July 2020
We are on 202 between Parsippany and Lincoln Park passing through the Towaco section of Montville Township, a very pleasant and very small community of just about 5000 people. So if yesterday's post is an example of an exceptionally bad small general store, today we have an exceptionally good small general store. This little place opened up in 2017 in a new development and is all of about 2300 square feet, but they manage to pack a lot in.
That includes produce, meat, seafood, a full deli, prepared foods, a few shelves of general grocery, dairy, frozen, and baked goods. The selection and interior design is more of a premium experience for sure...
This is the front side of the store (facing the parking lot), and is the first aisle. Grocery, dairy, and frozen are behind me. The second aisle, which is also the last, has everything else.
The foggy cases come from the fact that I visited on an extremely hot July day.
And here's the other fresh stuff on the other side of the store. Really nice place! Tomorrow we're actually doing three stores in one day, and one on each blog -- one here, one on Grocery Archaeology, and the main one of course on The Market Report. That'll be just to the east along 202 in Lincoln Park, so stay tuned!


  1. Aren't those "foggy cases" just one large walk in divided into a refrigerated and frozen (or cold and really cold) section?

    You often see something like that in a warehouse (BJ's/Costco/Sam's) type store on a far larger scale.


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