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Look Inside: Grassroots Natural Market - Denville, NJ

Grassroots Natural Market
Owner: Paul Kralyevich
Opened: 2005
Cooperative: none
Location: 20 1st Ave, Denville, NJ
Photographed: July 2020
We have arrived in downtown Denville for three stores -- Grassroots here, a former Grand Union a few blocks away, and an ACME just south of downtown! We've also previously seen the Foodtown, which closed a few years ago, in the Mount Tabor section of town down on route 53.
Grassroots is a small but complete natural food store with a nice selection. It's quite cramped though inside.

There's a good selection of all the basics here with a lot of specialty items too, and some nonfoods.
Only a few grocery aisles, and they run side-to-side.
Here's a HABA aisle, and then we move back into grocery on the other end of the store...
And we wrap up with a small deli counter at the far left side of the store.
Before we leave Denville don't forget to check out the former Grand Union (kind of) and the ACME! But don't worry, we're starting our next group with... Denville. So we're not going far, but come back tomorrow to check out where we're headed next!


  1. An A&P advertisement in the September 22, 1960 edition of The Madison Eagle mentioned that its Denville Store was located at First Avenue, between Broadway and Diamond Spring Road. Assuming is correct, A&P had relocated to 125 Main Street no later than 1963.

    If I were to venture a guess, the First Avenue A&P location is now home to Grassroots Natural Market (and possibly Denville Hardware as well). However, the building which I suspect was the A&P has since been expanded in (at least) two different directions. (The front facade of Grassroots Natural Market is definitely an expansion.) Compare a modern satellite image of the Grassroots building to a historic aerial image from 1957, and you'll see what I mean.

    --A&P Fan

  2. Now closed/closing early September 2022:

    1. Thanks for the update! I wasn't aware that this store had closed. It's a shame, since Denville has lost quite a few grocery stores despite being such a small town (first Grand Union and then the Key Food that replaced it downtown, then the Foodtown just south of town in Mount Tabor, and now this one).


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