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TOUR: Manor Market - Pelham, NY

Manor Market Owner:  David Mandell Opened:  2014 Cooperative:  Key Food Stores Location:  4779 Boston Post Rd, Pelham, NY Photographed:  March 2020 It's only about two miles from Shopwell Plaza, which we covered here and here , in the industrial northeastern corner of the Bronx, to Pelham, a quiet, suburban small town which contains this Manor Market in the southern Pelham Manor section. Previously a Gristedes , the store opened under the ownership of Key Food member Man-Dell Food Stores in 2014. The 10,000 square foot supermarket's main feature is the deli department, which runs along the front half of the right-side wall. Clearly the store does a big prepared foods business, and they have a catering department as well. Produce is in the back corner behind deli, with dairy on the back wall, meats in the first aisle, and frozen in the second-to-last aisle. Slightly unusual layout, but it works. There's also another entrance and exit at the back o

TOUR: SY Grace Caribbean Supermarket - Eastchester, Bronx, NY

SY Grace Fish & Vegetable Caribbean Supermarket Owner:  Sea Young Chung Opened:  1994 Cooperative:  Krasdale Location:  4018 Boston Rd, Eastchester, Bronx, NY Photographed:  March 2020 Apologies for the cut off picture there, the storefront is too wide to get the whole name in one picture. Today we're at the east end of Shopwell Plaza, about 200 feet east of the CTown we saw yesterday in the same mall. This is a 13,000 square foot Caribbean market that specializes in perishables, while CTown is a general supermarket and, if anything, Latin more than Caribbean. CTown is also slightly smaller, at about 9 or 10,000 square feet. SY Grace also predates CTown by 6 years, and seems to be a much higher-volume store to this day. The size is in part thanks to this space, which appears to be an expansion. It houses the fruit department, which as you can see is rather enormous, with a spacious seafood section at the back. On the other side of the wall we're l

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We've completed our travels up White Plains Road, so now we're going to go up the eastern side of the Bronx through Pelham Bay, Baychester, and Eastchester, before leaving the Bronx and passing through Pelham Manor (a small town between the Bronx and the next city, New Rochelle) before ending up in New Rochelle. Our coverage is a little thin in this part of the Bronx, but this is our first time in this section as well as our first trip to New Rochelle. Buckle up your seatbelts and let's head to Pelham Bay on The Market Report tomorrow!

Snapshot: Community Green Market - Allerton, Bronx, NY

Community Green Market Owner:  Jae Hyun (Angie) Park Opened:  2011 Cooperative:  none Location:  2228 White Plains Rd, Allerton, Bronx, NY Photographed:  March 2019 This grocery store opened in 2011 replacing a greengrocer called Green Land. Community Green Market sells natural and organic groceries, produce, and seafood. It's worth noting that this store is just two doors down from the very first store we saw on The Independent Edition, the Food Choice Market . This store is about 3600 square feet.

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Our next group of stores in the Bronx is along White Plains Road! We start at the southern part of the neighborhood of Allerton, following White Plains Road (a major through street) through  Williamsbridge , Olinville, and Wakefield, seeing eight stores along that stretch. White Plains Road, by the way, starts at the far south end of  Soundview , extending past the Bronx Botanical Garden, becoming 1st Street when it crosses into  Mount Vernon , then finally petering out and ending just north of the former  Western Beef in Mount Vernon . We're only traveling along a small fraction of the street's length, but we'll be starting tomorrow with a snapshot right here on The Independent Edition!

TOUR: Golden Mango Supermarket - Castle Hill, Bronx, NY

Golden Mango Supermarket Owner:  Pedro Goico Opened:  2015 Cooperative:  Key Food Location:  2300 Randall Ave, Castle Hill, Bronx, NY Photographed:  December 2019 Independent supermarket owner Pedro Goico brings us another standout supermarket today! We've toured his Ozone Park Golden Farms location previously, so here's a look at the store he owns in Castle Hill just about two blocks away from yesterday's Key Food . While the Key Food offers an intimate, neighborhood grocer experience, this Golden Mango offers a 40,000 square foot price-impact warehouse format. So if you like very fresh and cheap perishables and grocery items stacked to the ceiling, this converted factory building is your place. It was previously a warehouse store called "Handy" and later, the Cibao International Food Supermarket. You enter to a spacious produce department in the first aisle, with seafood at the back of the aisle. The main display lines the back wall, with

Snapshot: Antillana Fresh Meat Market - Longwood, Bronx, NY

Antillana Fresh Meat Market Owner:  A&J Super Food Inc. Opened:  2016 Cooperative:  unknown Location:  1025 Westchester Ave, Longwood, Bronx, NY Photographed:  March 2019 This approximately 3,000 square foot store was previously the Asociados Meat Market until 2016, when it was renovated and converted to the Antillana Fresh Meat Market. I can't find any connection to the Antillana SuperFood stores nor the Antillana Meat Market .

Snapshot: Real Supermarket - Longwood, Bronx, NY

Real Supermarket Owner:  Norberto Hernandez Opened:  2009 as Prospect Supermarket, 2013 as Real Supermarket Cooperative:  Krasdale Location:  795 Prospect Ave, Longwood, Bronx, NY Photographed:  March 2019 And to think for all this time I've been photographing fake ones. This store was previously a furniture store before opening as the AIM (Association of Independent Merchants) Prospect Supermarket in 2009. Later, it was converted to the Real Supermarket. We're actually looking at the back of the store in the above photograph, with the front facing Prospect Avenue. It looks like this store is in the range of about 8-10,000 square feet, and I'd like to return to photograph the interior at some point.