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Snapshot: Golden Apple Tree Supermarket - Longwood, Bronx, NY

Golden Apple Tree Supermarket
Owner: Roy Diaz
Opened: 2013 as Key Food, 2015 as Golden Apple Tree, closed 2019
Cooperative: Key Food
Location: 745 Westchester Ave, Longwood, Bronx, NY
Photographed: March 2019
This supermarket had been a Bravo since at least 1998. In 2013, Roy Diaz took it over and converted it to a Key Food, followed by a 2015 conversion to Golden Apple Tree (still affiliated with Key Food). Golden Apple Tree never actually got any sign other than a banner over the Key Food logo, and by late 2019 it had been switched back to Bravo. Diaz appears to still own the store. From Google Maps, it looks like the store is 10,000 square feet.