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TOUR: Golden Mango Supermarket - Castle Hill, Bronx, NY

Golden Mango Supermarket
Owner: Pedro Goico
Opened: 2015
Cooperative: Key Food
Location: 2300 Randall Ave, Castle Hill, Bronx, NY
Photographed: December 2019
Independent supermarket owner Pedro Goico brings us another standout supermarket today! We've toured his Ozone Park Golden Farms location previously, so here's a look at the store he owns in Castle Hill just about two blocks away from yesterday's Key Food. While the Key Food offers an intimate, neighborhood grocer experience, this Golden Mango offers a 40,000 square foot price-impact warehouse format. So if you like very fresh and cheap perishables and grocery items stacked to the ceiling, this converted factory building is your place. It was previously a warehouse store called "Handy" and later, the Cibao International Food Supermarket.
You enter to a spacious produce department in the first aisle, with seafood at the back of the aisle. The main display lines the back wall, with meats in the back corner. The rest of the meat department lines the right-side wall, with deli in the front corner. Frozen lines the second-to-last aisle, with dairy lining the last aisle opposite meat and deli.
You definitely get an overwhelming feeling of bounty and selection when you enter, especially in this urban neighborhood where most supermarkets are quite small.
Seafood on ice in the back corner.
The second and third (which is double-wide) grocery aisles are international foods...
...with a huge main display on the back wall.
The grocery aisles have a warehouse feel to them, like much of the store.
Meats in the right side corner of the back wall, and we can see this store's decor is pretty much the same as what we saw in Key Food and the City Supermarkets I mentioned there.
Frozen foods in the second-to-last aisle.
The last aisle is extra-wide, with dairy lining the grocery aisle side (out of frame to the right above here). Frozen meats line the coffin cases in the center, with service meats on the side wall and service deli in the front. Above, looking towards the front wall of the store.
Dairy, with freezer cases on the back of this row. Here, looking towards the back wall of the store.
Now that's a real butcher. Deli/bakery in the front corner, with single-serve beverages and other grab-and-go items on the front wall.
Wrapping up our tour with a look across the front-end. Customer service is on this end, with produce at the far end. This rounds out our look at Castle Hill, and up next we'll be heading across Westchester Creek to Throggs Neck! P.S. this store has no affiliation with the Golden Mango we saw in Canarsie, nor with the Golden Mango in Paterson, NJ.

Golden Mango Supermarket

2300 Randall Ave, Castle Hill, Bronx, NY
Photographed December 2019