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TOUR: Manor Market - Pelham, NY

Manor Market
Owner: David Mandell
Opened: 2014
Cooperative: Key Food Stores
Location: 4779 Boston Post Rd, Pelham, NY
Photographed: March 2020
It's only about two miles from Shopwell Plaza, which we covered here and here, in the industrial northeastern corner of the Bronx, to Pelham, a quiet, suburban small town which contains this Manor Market in the southern Pelham Manor section. Previously a Gristedes, the store opened under the ownership of Key Food member Man-Dell Food Stores in 2014.
The 10,000 square foot supermarket's main feature is the deli department, which runs along the front half of the right-side wall. Clearly the store does a big prepared foods business, and they have a catering department as well. Produce is in the back corner behind deli, with dairy on the back wall, meats in the first aisle, and frozen in the second-to-last aisle. Slightly unusual layout, but it works.
There's also another entrance and exit at the back of the produce department, which leads to the overflow parking lot in back.
While this store is very nice and a wonderful small-town grocery store, there are some very odd elements of the layout. Meats line the first grocery aisle, which is numbered 7. Frozen foods are in the second-to-last aisle, or aisle 2. Meanwhile, the last aisle (aisle 1), which frequently has dairy or frozen, is just standard groceries.
It's not hard to run a better store than Gristedes, and Manor Market clearly does it.
Nonfoods in aisle 3.
Frozen in aisle 2. And given the blue cases, I'd assume these are left over from Gristedes.
Aisle 1 is the last aisle, with beer in the front corner.
A look across the front end with some nice large windows. It's a very good looking store! Up next we'll be continuing northeast to the city of New Rochelle.