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TOUR: Golden Farms Supermarket - Ozone Park, NY

Golden Farms Supermarket
Owner: Pedro Goico
Opened: 2015
Cooperative: Key Food
Location: 101-76 77th St, Ozone Park, Queens, NY
Photographed: December 2018
For lovers of new, beautiful supermarkets, good news: the rest of our Ozone Park - Howard Beach - ENY group will be new, beautiful supermarkets (except for one!). This gorgeous store starts off our trend, opening in 2015 in a 20,000 square foot former Associated that had been gut-renovated. The owner, Pedro Goico, also owns multiple other stores under several different banners, including a brand-new Golden Farms in a former ShopRite in Philadelphia.
While I admittedly haven't been to the Philadelphia location, it would be hard to be more beautiful than this location. Featuring a very upscale combination of exposed brick, bright colors, and dark fixtures, ceiling, and floor, this is a major supermarket anchor for Ozone Park.
Looking towards the front wall, which is lined with huge windows.
The butcher, which (of course) includes halal meats, is at the end of the first aisle, with meats and seafood on the back wall. Frozen is in the second-to-last aisle, with dairy in the last and deli/bakery in the front corner.
The decor is simple but very attractive, and the lighting is perfectly executed. Bright enough that the store feels vibrant, but not all bright and white.
In fact, these pictures are vaguely reminiscent of the A&P Fresh 2.0 decor. Oh, what was that? A&P Fresh 2.0? Well, you're in luck!
Fresh 2.0 aisle markers from a closed Waldbaum's line each aisle! This store was never a Waldbaum's (or, at least, not a Waldbaum's in the last 30ish years), so I don't know what location these came from. I initially thought the decor might be some variation of Fresh 2.0 I'd never seen, but the pictures are all too small.
Absolutely spotless grocery aisles! Seafood is along the back wall at the end of the last aisle.
The store certainly feels large, with a spacious freezer aisle and dairy lining both sides of the last aisle, instead of just the exterior wall as is so common in urban stores.
(Shoutout to Toufayan Bakery, producers of bread, bagels, and some really good pitas, in Ridgefield, NJ, shown here in this display!)
Dairy in the last aisle. I love the track lighting illuminating each image on the walls!
I have to say, the Waldbaum's aisle markers are pretty seamlessly integrated into this store's decor, which I appreciate. Deli (including halal) and bakery are in the front corner.
And looking across the front end from deli, we can see that the store isn't huge but certainly is very spacious.
That wraps up Ozone Park! Come back to check out Howard Beach up next.


  1. I love the dual level wavy ceilings, and the crown molding! It even extends to the checkout columns.

    1. Yes, isn't it nice? I was disappointed that the new Golden Farms down in Philadelphia doesn't use this decor, although that store also looks great.


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