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Snapshot: Ozone Park Supermarket - Ozone Park, NY

Ozone Park Supermarket
Owner: unknown
Opened: unknown
Cooperative: none
Location: 79-18 101st Ave, Ozone Park, Queens, NY
Photographed: December 2018
This small corner grocer with a halal butcher is one of five in a four-block length of 101st Ave. Ozone Park has a very large population of Middle Eastern and South Asian residents, necessitating halal meat selections. There were simply too many to photograph in such a short distance, so if you'd like to explore the others, you can see Dubai Supermarket, Mannan Halal Supermarket, Shahjalal Supermarket & Halal Meat, and Deshi Bazar. On the opposite corner from Mannan is a large Golden Farms Supermarket, which we'll tour up next right here on The Independent Edition!