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TOUR: Milk Farm Supermarket - Ozone Park, NY

Milk Farm Supermarket
Owner: Ao Xin Zhou Supermarket Inc.
Opened: 2004; 2013 under current ownership
Cooperative: Krasdale
Location: 88-13 Liberty Ave, Ozone Park, Queens, NY
Photographed: December 2019
Funny that I've been through this part of Queens twice, December 2018 and December 2019. Both days were bitterly cold, and on both days, by the time I got to this area, it's pitch black night outside. So even though I was at this store at hardly 5:00pm, it already looked like midnight.
For this particular store, the produce lines the first, double-wide aisle. Dairy and frozen line the back wall, with meats in the last aisle. Deli is on the side wall in the front corner. At only 4800 square feet, this grocery store manages to pack in a huge selection.
The store, however, is not exactly spacious. It is very clean though.
In addition to basic groceries, the store has a fairly large selection of nonfoods items.
Frozen and dairy line the back wall.
There is a very, very small selection of frozen foods. But certainly more selection across the board than a lot of bodegas that line streets like Liberty Avenue.
Meats and cold cuts in the last aisle.
Small deli in the front corner.
And I believe there are three checkouts (certainly not very many).
That's about all! Two more stores in Ozone Park up next before we head on to Howard Beach.


  1. Why is it when you see these smaller stores, it makes you think that if every large supermarket had as large a percentage of their space devoted to paper items, they wouldn't have had nearly as much issue with the sales as of late?

    1. Very true! So many of these small stores have stacks of paper products on top of all the other cases.


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