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Snapshot: OEG Fruit & Vegetables - PLG, Brooklyn, NY

OEG Fruit & Vegetables
Owner: Hye Myung Kim
Opened: 2002
Cooperative: none
Location: 1133 Washington Ave, Prospect Lefferts Gardens, Brooklyn, NY
Photographed: May 2019
Well first, I guess my group graphic kind of gives away my most exciting store in this group, the newly reopened Pathmark of Albany Avenue in East Flatbush. We're starting off with a store that might look insignificant at first, but in reality these small greengrocers define central Brooklyn's food retail scene. A core source of fresh produce in neighborhoods that historically didn't have chain supermarkets, they have served and continue to serve an important need. We'll be seeing many more of these, and I'll go more into some of the history regarding them in Flatbush once we get there.