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Look Inside: Village Market - Nyack, NY

Village Market
Owner: unknown
Opened: before 2009, closed 2023
Cooperative: none
 10 N Broadway, Nyack, NY
Photographed: March 8, 2023
For many years, the quaint village of Nyack on the Hudson River had only one grocer, and that was this small store of just 1200 square feet. Just outside of town, there's a larger gourmet market that opened in 2009, and of course, chain grocery stores in West Nyack and other nearby towns. In 2022, according to a local resident's post on Facebook, the Village Market was sold (and we all know nothing we see on Facebook could ever be false), then in early 2023, the Nyack Fresh Market opened in town. That brought a full supermarket to downtown Nyack for the first time, or at least for the first time in a long time. That may have contributed to this store's owners' decision to close in September 2023, although again a post on Facebook said someone who talked to the owners heard that they were moving to Queens and were looking to move their grocery store with them.
The store was just two very well-kept aisles, with produce and dairy in the first one, frozen foods at the back, and some grocery products, a deli, and a sushi counter in the second aisle. We can see the deli and sushi counters below...
I always hate to see any grocery store closing, but hopefully what the Facebook post said is true and the owners will soon have another location! Now that we've seen all of our stores along the route 59 corridor and we're at the river, we're going to head northwest about ten miles to Pomona, for a look at a closed supermarket on Grocery Archaeology and the store that replaced it here on The Independent Edition!