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Special Report: Nyack Fresh Market - Nyack, NY

Nyack Fresh Market
Owner: Wilson Bermeo
Opened: February 20, 2023
Cooperative: Key Food Stores
 119 Main St, Nyack, NY
Photographed: March 8, 2023
In Orange, we saw the transition of a Krasdale-affiliated CTown to a Key Food-affiliated Universal Food Markets. Key Food is growing in a lot of ways, including conversions like that, but they've also been opening a lot of new stores around the tri-state area in recent years. The 15,000 square foot Nyack Fresh Market is one of their latest openings, having opened in late February in the middle of the small down on the west shore of the Mario Cuomo Bridge (formerly the Tappan Zee) across the Hudson.
A former theater building was converted to this supermarket, which despite its small size feels very spacious and complete. It's also a beautiful store. We enter on the left side of the store to the deli-bakery department, and although it appears they don't bake in-store, they have a lot of baked goods and a lot of prepared foods made in-store (even homemade salad dressings, which I overheard one of the deli clerks talking about). Produce is in the front part of the first two aisles, with meat behind it on the left side and back wall. Service butcher and seafood are at the back of the store, with dairy and frozen on the right side of the store.
The store is brand-new, so of course all of the fixtures and decor are new, but they're all really well-designed and sleek. Check out these bread and baked goods cases in front of the deli department...
And the rest of baked goods are on the front wall next to the entrance. (There's a service bakery counter too, which you can see a little bit of in the first interior image.)
As we can see, the store is really beautiful. It's exceptionally well-designed, to be both extremely attractive and also really space-efficient.
The produce department feels expansive despite the relatively small size, and part of that is that the produce department takes up nearly 1/4 of the sales floor of the store. Clearly, they're expecting to do a big produce business, and the produce all looked really good.
We can also see that they make the most of the multi-tiered produce islands.
We continue down the first aisle to some grocery products on the right side and the meat department on the outside wall.
And on the back wall is the butcher counter.
And in the back corner is also a service seafood counter. Very deluxe for a very small store. It seems a lot of thought went into the execution of this store and the selection of product mix and services. As we can see, it's a rather high-end environment, but also a small town-feeling store, which fits Nyack well.
And as is to be expected in these smaller stores, selection is a little bit more limited than larger stores like ShopRite or Stop & Shop that are nearby, but there is a complete grocery selection.
You can also see they make the most of the space with high shelving.
And frozen and dairy are in the last aisle. As we see, even a few weeks after the store's official opening, it's still pristine and well-stocked. Owner Wilson Bermeo also owns two supermarkets in Spring Valley, the Huerto del Eden and the Spring Valley Supermarket, formerly Compare Foods. Both are also Key Food-affiliated.
Both of those stores are smaller than this one, and this one is also higher-end than those.
And a look at the beautiful front-end before we head out! This is a really nice store that I think is done very well, and I'm glad to see that the response from the community so far seems to be overwhelmingly positive. People are glad to have a full supermarket in the downtown Nyack area but also pleased with this particular store. So I hope the Nyack Fresh Market continues to do well! Don't forget to see today's other new stores, the Universal Food Markets in Orange and the Shop Fresh Marketplace in Hackettstown!