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Look Inside: Linden Food Market - Bethlehem, PA

Linden Food Market
Owner: John Tallarico Jr
Opened: 1955
Cooperative: none
 833 Linden St, Bethlehem, PA
Photographed: January 8, 2021
Today's Look Inside is a store in the center city area of Bethlehem, although it's not right in the middle of town. The store is a bit larger than some of the other stores we saw in Allentown, at around 3600 square feet. Although I imagine it once had a much larger grocery selection, it's now really a convenience store with some grocery selections.
What attracted me to the store in the first place was its wonderful classic neon sign on the outside. I'm not sure whether it still works, but we can see that the M is slightly off-center on one side. The other is missing part of the L...
Regardless, a great sign! Unfortunately there's nothing that interesting on the inside...
...although it's a clean and well-stocked large convenience store, with Best Yet products from C&S. Our next stop is a former supermarket to the northeast of the city on Grocery Archaeology!