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Look Inside: Extra Supermarket - Dover, NJ

Extra Supermarket
Owner: Alberto Mendez and/or Nick Gonzalez
Opened: 2021
Cooperative: Krasdale
Location: 36-42 W Blackwell St, Dover, NJ
Photographed: July 2020 and March 2021
The main supermarket operating today in downtown Dover is the roughly 18,000 square foot Extra Supermarket, which was a Bravo for a very long time. It didn't change ownership, but for one reason or another in very early 2021 it was switched over to Extra owned by the same folks who own Maplewood, Lyons, and East Orange. My summer 2020 visit showed some signs of the impending switch... know, like the Extra truck delivering in the back. By March 2021, the store had been switched over to Extra if only in part -- the Bravo signage remained on the outside, although the signage inside had been updated. The exterior signage has since been updated.
Here's a look at the back entrance facing the parking lot in the back, which I don't believe I included in the original post of the Bravo.
Inside, the new (but questionably designed) Extra logo is prominently displayed at the front and back, as well as on all the aisle markers, replacing every Bravo logo I could find at least. No other changes have been made, but the store has been reset and the storebrand selection has been modified to include roughly 50% Krasdale products (Krasdale, of course, also runs Bravo) and roughly 50% Best Yet from C&S. I'll update if there are any additional changes here, but for now, you can check out our other post of the day at the Latino American Supermarket a few blocks away. Tomorrow, we finish up our Dover coverage with two former supermarkets in the northern part of downtown on Grocery Archaeology!