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Look Inside: Sussex Meat Packing - Sussex, NJ

Sussex Meat Packing
Owner: Henry VandenAkker
Opened: 1960 in Wantage
Cooperative: none
 205 NJ-23 N, Sussex, NJ
Photographed: July 2020
The Wantage Plaza was once home to a Foodtown, which I believe took up roughly 37,000 square feet just to the left of this small butcher shop which is now partially home to the Farmer Joen Farmers Market, which we're also seeing today. (That may have also been the Jamesway/Ames that anchored the mall, in which case this butcher shop would be in part of the Foodtown space.) Heading into the 5,000 square foot Sussex Meat Packing store, we first find a deli along the left side wall of the store.
Frozen foods and then service butcher take up the back of the store, with a small dairy section in the front and one grocery aisle in the middle.
I wasn't going to stop here (nor Farmer Joen next door), but the strip mall drew my attention with what looked like a former supermarket and then I noticed the two operating grocery stores here!
Tomorrow, we move just to the north along route 23 for our next store just over a mile away (which, I assume is what may have put this Foodtown out of business when it was expanded in the early 00s) tomorrow on The Market Report!