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TOUR: Ledgewood Farm - Ledgewood, NJ

Ledgewood Farm
Owner: Kwang Chung
Opened: 2004
Cooperative: none
 1013 US-46, Ledgewood, Roxbury, NJ
Photographed: July 2020
We arrive at a rather strange strip mall, the Ledgewood Plaza, on route 46 just east of the intersection with route 10 (where we saw Succasunna yesterday). This mall looks like it may have been built with a grocery store anchor to the far right and what appears to perhaps be a skating rink to the left (with a barrel roof). The strip mall doesn't really have a singular anchor today, but part of the 19,000 square foot anchor to the right has been combined with a neighboring storefront for a roughly 10,000 square foot grocery store today operating as Ledgewood Farm. Remember the former Wharton Farm? That was the same owners, and I promised you we'd see another -- guess what, we are!
You enter on the left side to the first room, the expansion, with a very large deli and seafood counter lining the left side wall and some grocery items on the right side. This is a bit of scaled down decor of the same type we saw in Wharton.
Interestingly, this store (like many such stores) does not have a meat department. In the back of this first room, you pass through the doorway into the main room. It's unclear to me whether this room has always been part of the farmers market or whether it was a later expansion.
Looking up to the front of the produce room. Interesting decor here which I don't necessarily recognize so it may be custom for this store.
It also vaguely looks like ShopRite decor, so it could be secondhand from a nearby renovated ShopRite.
It's also possible that the decor was painted upon being installed here, so it's not exactly how it would've previously looked.
A good overview of the store looking towards the back.
More decor on the opposite wall, including what appears to be an Albertsons-inspired logo (but which appears to have been custom-created for this store). Tomorrow we are going to check out two former supermarkets just east on 46 in Kenvil over on Grocery Archaeology!


  1. The Ledgewood Plaza was not always known by that name. It was initially called the Ledgewood Circle Shopping Center, and then it changed its name to the Ledgewood Circle Mall.

    This shopping center was completed in 1958 or 1959, although the AutoZone building was an extension that opened in 2005. When the shopping center opened, its tenants included Food Fair, W.T. Grant, and a 20-lane bowling alley.

    An A&P Centennial store was built on the opposite side of the street, opening no later than September 1959. In May 1968, there was a fire in that supermarket. I'm not sure if that A&P was completely destroyed or just heavily damaged, but in any event you can still see a Centennial A&P building in the 1970 view on And based on historic aerial views, you can see that the Ledgewood A&P was expanded--and that a small shopping center was built adjacent to it--sometime later in 1970 or in 1971.

    Based on my research, I'm pretty sure that the Ledgewood A&P closed in the early part of 1987. The A&P building and the rest of the shopping center received a facelift that was completed by the end of 1988. At that time, RoNetco Supermarkets moved its corporate headquarters to that shopping center. The shopping center received another renovation--and an addition was built onto the rear of the former A&P--sometime between 2013 and 2015:

    --A&P Fan


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