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TOUR: Latino American Supermarket - Dover, NJ

Latino American Supermarket
Owner: unknown
Opened: unknown
Cooperative: none
Location: 11 Essex St S, Dover, NJ
Photographed: July 2020
Our first stop in downtown Dover is the small Latino American Supermarket at the eastern end of town. This store is just diagonally across the street from the train station, and in the first block south of Blackwell Street, the main street through downtown Dover. Just east on Blackwell Street, to the east of downtown, is the former Food Depot we saw back in 2018, which is now a gym.
Heading in, we find a small but complete supermarket -- just like so many of these other independent urban stores which are just larger than a true bodega but still quite small. Dover's Latino American Supermarket seems to be in the range of approximately 2000 square feet.
I don't remember if this store actually has shopping carts, since it's so small. I believe there are roughly 4 aisles.
In the rear of the store we encounter a large butcher counter, which of course is a cornerstone of these small stores.
And up in the front right corner we have a fairly hefty produce department for such a small store.
And then in front of that, we have a small frozen department opposite the registers.
Well that brings us to the end of our tour of the Latino American Supermarket here in downtown Dover, but we have another stop today just west along Blackwell Street, the Extra Supermarket which was previously the Bravo. Tomorrow, we finish up our Dover coverage with two former supermarkets in the northern part of downtown on Grocery Archaeology!